Fergusson CodeThe Fourth Industrial Revolution. Heard of it? Maybe not, but I guarantee, you’re living in it.

Technology and artificial intelligence, genomics and blockchains infiltrate our banking and economic systems, transportation, our education, healthcare, communication, and every aspect of our lives. Who is managing all this and who is safeguarding us from harm and exploitation?

David Fergusson, who along with Carlos Moriera authored The TransHuman Code: How to Program your Future. The book is a guide for us to understand how we must imbed Humanity in our technology rather than the other way around. David speaks with Suzanne Lang from his home in New York.

Paula GmotherPowerPaula Gianturco, whose colorful book of stories and photographs is about the humanity we must bring to each other. Her book is Grandmother Power: A Global phenomenon and she joins Suzanne in conversation.

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(All photos courtesy of authors)

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