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North Bay News

New Study to Test Viability of Composting Toilets

Waterless composting of human waste is not a new idea. But in the modern world, it’s never been a popular one either.

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North Bay News

Three Democratic Governor Candidates Debate Education

Three of the most prominent Democrats running for California governor in 2018 participated in the first debate for that political race.

Tiny Homes Project Nearly Ready to Begin Building

fter being announced last year, a project to build a dozen tiny houses for homeless vets is hoping to break ground this summer and test the viability of a novel form of affordable housing.

California Farmers Won't Get Full Water Supply

ALSO: California State University trustees voted Wednesday to raise tuition 5 percent for undergraduates, despite strong opposition from students and some state leaders.

Obamacare Repeal Carries Big Hit to CA Budget

Congressional Republicans have long clamored for change in federal health care laws. Now that their actual proposals are moving toward a vote, Health and Finance officials in Sacramento have been…

Gun Safety Bills Pass First Committe

ALSO: California Governor Jerry Brown says he remains optimistic that federal money will come through for a major rail project in the state.


Music News

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Watch A Video For Nana Grizol's Scrappy, Sweet And Political 'Mississippi Swells'

Theo Hilton is one of the few songwriters that can turn a song about oil refineries in the Mississippi watershed into a long and reflective conversation with a friend, all the while referencing Cindy…
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Metropolis: 3/25/17

This Week's Playlist Emapea, "Enjoy" (Cold Busted) Maggie Rogers, "Better" (Capitol) Bonobo, "7th Sevens" (Ninja Tune) Plastic Plates, "Good Times" (Promo) Luces, "Once Over Twice" (Promo) Plastic…
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The Family Crest's Video For 'Mirror Love' Is A Kaleidoscope Of Love And Action

The Family Crest are an ambitious band of seven, with legions of fans around the country taking part on recording projects and in their shows as singers and performers — a crucial part of the…


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