Jared Huffman 8 5 19 croppedIn a standing-room-only Town Hall at the Point Reyes Dance Palace, Rep. Jared Huffman answered questions for nearly an hour and a half on Monday, August 5 about everything from beef and dairy farming to impeachment.
He even managed to break a little news, reporting that agreement had been reached on new housing to be built on a Coast Guard site in West Marin.
The range of issues was breathtaking, from the most local to the national and international. Climate change, gun control and health care were thoughtfully discussed. Huffman enlisted the crowd to applaud lightly when any questioner ran over the approximately one minute limit he set for their statements and queries.
Special thanks to Amanda Eichstaedt and KWMR for technical and moral support. 
Here's the entire back and forth. We'll be calling out some specifics in a North Bay Report in coming days.
Here are some highlights of the meeting:
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