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The Gettysburg Story

Sunday, February 14 at 10 pm. The year 2013 marked the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. This three-day battle changed the course of American history. In 1863 George Meade's Union army…


Sonoma County Covers Project CD

Sonoma County Covers Project - Available now at the Last Record Store and KRCB. 2 CDs featuring 27 songs performed by 27 artists covering 24 songwriters, all with connections to Sonoma County (most…

North Bay News

Santa Rosa Advances Cannabis Cultivation Regulations

Santa Rosa is taking its first detailed steps toward regulating the cultivation of medical marijuana within the city.

First of all, my apologies for being away from this blog for so long. Last June 3rd, I found myself at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Rosa for emergency surgery. Complications, additional surgery and recovery became my life over the past many weeks. But now I am able to write once again.

Of course, the June 12 digital transition came and went since then. All seems to have gone very smoothly for KRCB and most of our viewers. New digital antennas are up, converters are properly tuned and many of you are enjoying our three digital over the air services, with PBS programming (much of it in high definition) on DTV-1, PBS Create "how to" programming on DTV-2 and our sister station, KRCB-FM audio on DTV-3.

Programming changes are coming up quickly as well. After decades on the PBS schedule, the Monday-Friday broadcasts of "Reading Rainbow" will cease at the end of August. While the series has not been in production for years, the repeats have continued to be popular. However, funding has dried up in our soft economy. The good news for you all is the return of "The Electric Company" to our air in September, with eventual Monday-Friday broadcasts at 4:30pm. "Hey you guys!"

Also, this fall, watch for a new look and feel to your favorite nightly news source, "The PBS Newshour". Jim Lehrer is not retiring. He will be joined by additional co-anchors who will add increased depth and analysis to this already award-winning news series.

Some other exciting new series we are proud to bring to KRCB this fall are "Great Conversations" on Friday nights, "Life Part2" on Tuesdays and "VOCES" on Monday nights. Check on-line or if you are a member, your "Open Air" guide for specific episodes. And later this fall, watch for a special series of independent films designed for students of democracy and media. The series is titled "Student to Citizen" and will air one Tuesday each month through May, 2010. Details will be on our web site shortly.
That's it for now.
Thanks for watching and supporting KRCB Public Television.

Stan Marvin


           NHK Available on KRCB 22.3, Comcast Ch. 817

North Bay News

Feb 09

Tick Borne Diseases

Rain means tick season in Northern CA, which brings the risk of Lyme disease.. and more. Researchers in Hopland have recently identified two new tick-borne diseases, bringing the total found there to…
Feb 09

Scientists Say Levees Can Increase Flood Risk And Long Term Damage

ALSO: A Pacific Institute study says reduced hydropower in the drought has increased costs to California ratepayers and increased greenhouse gas emissions.
Feb 08

Why Are You Paying $.77 More For Gas Than The Rest Of The U.S.?

ALSO: As more and more companies and hobbyists launch drones into California skies, state lawmakers want new regulations to govern them.
Feb 08

CSU Faculty Set April Strike Dates

With prolonged contract talks apparently headed for impasse, The California Faculty Association is making plans for a state-wide strike in Mid-April.
Feb 07

DOJ Announces Mortgage Settlement

ALSO: California lawmakers could vote this week on a proposal to restructure a tax on health care plans in order to avert a potential billion-dollar state budget hole.


Music News

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Feb 09

A New 'Cabin In The Sky' Offers Universal Stories — And A Problematic Past

Today, Cabin in the Sky is best remembered as a 1943 movie starring Ethel Waters, Lena Horne and Louis Armstrong — but it started as a hit Broadway musical, most of whose original music didn't make…
Feb 09

Love Songs on Women in Music, Wed. at 11 pm

Celebrate the many types of love with this coming week's Love Songs Valentine's Day Special on Women In Music with Laney Goodman.
Default Image
Feb 09

In Beyoncé's 'Formation,' A Glorification Of 'Bama' Blackness

Author Jesmyn Ward won a National Book Award for Salvage the Bones, her gritty and lyrical novel of Hurricane Katrina-era Mississippi.
Default Image
Feb 08

Music Review: 'The Traveller,' Baaba Maal

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Feb 08

Not Ready To Stop Obsessing Over Beyoncé And 'Formation'? We Got You

When the video dropped on Saturday, we galvanized. Cleared our schedules, watched on repeat till our eyes turned red. Got into screaming matches with loved ones about what kind of hot sauce belongs…


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