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KRCB Television Staff Picks

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Masterpiece Classic: The Paradise, Season 2

Sundays at 8 and 9 pm, starting December 21. In the Season 2 opener, we learn that every fairy tale has its sequel. On the brink of happiness at the end of last season, retail genius John Moray and his “little champion,” Denise, find true love a bumpy ride indeed, as Katherine and her new husband scheme to wreck their lives. In the first episode at 8 pm, time has not stood still since last…
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Xmas Without China

Tuesday, December 23 at 9 pm. Tom Xia emigrated from mainland China to California at age eight. A series of Chinese toy recalls causes Xia's neighbors, the Joneses, to have their son tested for lead poisoning, which causes them to reflexively reject…
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The Night Before Christmas Carol

Wednesday, December 24 at 9 pm.The Night Before Christmas Carol is a historically accurate and highly humorous holiday production by renowned Dickens scholar, Elliot Engel. It takes place in 1843 on the night that Charles Dickens dreams up his idea…
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Chinese Medicine Master

Sunday, December 28 at 10 pm. American medical doctor, Andrew Cunningham, travels to the "Silicon Valley" of the Chinese Medical field in Anhui Province to meet a nationally recognized "Heir to Chinese Medicine," Master Li Jiren. Master Li mainly…
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