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KRCB Television Staff Picks

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Inspector Lewis, Season 8 on Masterpiece, Episode 1: One for Sorrow

Sunday, October 2 at 8 pm. In "One for Sorrow," identifying the remains of a body discovered in a well appears to be an insurmountable task for Inspector Robbie Lewis (Kevin Whately) and CS James Hathaway (Laurence Fox). Lewis, recently out of retirement, has to prove himself to a new boss and Hathaway finally gets to know his estranged father. Meanwhile, the death of a young artist begins to…
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Indian Summers, Season 2 on Masterpiece, Episode 1

Sunday, October 2 at 9:30 pm. Viewers will recall that last season ends with colonial official Ralph Whelan deftly playing his hand to be the next Viceroy of India and engaged to American socialite Madeline Mathers. Learning that Madeline is…
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Make KRCB Your Home for this Election

PBS NewsHour Debate Coverage 2016 VICE-PRESIDENTIAL DEBATETuesday, October 4 at 6 pm, repeated at 10 pm 2016 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATESDebate # 2: Sun., October 9 at 6 pmDebate # 3: Wed., October 19 at 6 pm, repeated at 10 pm The PBS NewsHour presents…
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NOVA: School of the Future

Monday, October 3 at 8 pm. In a new age of information, rapid innovation, and globalization, how can we prepare our children to compete? Once the envy of the world, American schools are now in trouble. Test scores show our kids lag far behind their…

Elderly Instruments

Wednesday, October 5 at 9 pm. Loved around the world as a source for the best in stringed instruments, Lansing Michigan's Elderly Instruments is All Things Strings. Musicians from Elvis Costello, Vince Gill, REM, and REO to the local beginner seek…
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