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KRCB Television Staff Picks

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Choctaw Code Talkers

Monday, November 24 at 9:00pm. The empowering chronicle of Choctaw Soldiers as the original Code Talkers during World War I, a story which has been buried in history for nearly a hundred years. With testimonies from family members and Choctaw tribal leaders, the program brings a unique perspective to these forgotten heroes and their wartime contributions.
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Beyond These Walls: Building Community Through Public Art

Wednesday, November 26 at 9 pm. In 1992 a small group of community leaders in Portsmouth, Ohio asked, "How can we create pride in our community, improve the local economy and change a dying part of town into the vibrant place it once was?" This is…
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Sam Harris on Between the Lines

Thursday, November 27 at 7:30pm. Neuroscientist, author, philosopher, and outspoken atheist San Harris discusses how yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices can improve your life. His new book, Waking Up, is a guide to spirituality without…
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