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STEVES 200 2

Rick Steves' Europe: Travel Skills

Tuesday, September 16 at 8 pm. Rick Steves' 30 years of travel experience is distilled into this lively, all new, two-hour pledge special. Beautifully filmed on location along his favorite "Best of Europe" loop — Amsterdam, Germany's Rhineland and Bavaria, Italy's Riviera, Siena and Venice, the Swiss Alps, Paris, and London — Rick shares his most up-to-date tips on planning an itinerary, hurdling…
teddy 200 2

Theodore Roosevelt: A Cowboy's Ride to the White House

Sunday,September 21 at 10:30 pm. This is the exciting story of a physically challenged young man from Harvard who came to the western frontier in 1883. Theodore Roosevelt bought a ranch, learned how to ride, shoot, hunt and acquired the skills that…
powerpark 200 2

Power for the Parkinsons

Sunday,September 21 at 9:30 pm. Power for the Parkinsons, narrated by broadcast icon Walter Cronkite, tells the compelling story of the making of the classic New Deal documentary film Power and the Land. In 1939, 75% of American farms were without…
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