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KRCB Television Staff Picks

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Shelter Me: Partners for Life

Thursday, October 15 at 8 pm. This new episode of Shelter Me features country music icon Emmylou Harris and the incredible work she's doing to help homeless pets and disadvantaged youth in Nashville and another story about police departments that get their K9s from animal shelters. Each year 6-8 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters in the United States. Half of them will be euthanized.…
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The Bloody Irish! Songs of the 1916 Uprising

Saturday, October 17 at 8 pm. The Bloody Irish! is a remarkable piece of musical theatre to celebrate the Dublin Easter Uprising of 1916 when Irish men and women rose up in armed rebellion against 300 years of foreign rule. The piece takes the…
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New Masterpiece Series: Indian Summers

Sunday, October 18 at 8 pm. Framed by the beginning and end of the summer season, when India's British rulers left the hot plains for the cool slopes of Simla, Indian Summers centers on three brother-sister pairs. Ralph Whelan is the private…
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Home Fires

Sunday, October 18 at 9:30 pm. In August 1939, war with Germany is all but certain. While citizens of the isolated village of Great Paxford each face the prospect of war in their own way, all agree that they must do everything they can to hold their…

As Time Goes By

Fridays at 7:00 p.m. Once upon a time, a dashing young British Army officer and a lovely student nurse fell deeply, magically in love. Then he was shipped off to Korea and they never heard from one another. Forty years later, fate brings them…
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