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Nature: What Plants Talk About

Tuesday, September 1 at 8 pm. When we think about plants, we don’t often associate a term like “behavior” with them, but experimental plant ecologist J.C. Cahill wants to change that. The University…


KRCB Concerts in the Garden at Chroma Gallery: Final Concert of the Season, September 19

Don't miss the final show of the season of KRCB's Concerts in the Garden at Chromogallery, September 19 from 4 pm to 6 pm. We'll be featuring two great local Americana bands: Cahoots and the duo Owl…

North Bay News

Fictionalized Petaluma Featured in new Sci-Fi Novel Series

A darkly humorous author avatar and a lightly fictionalized Sonoma County city feature prominently in a new novel by a local writer who knows them both well. Listen:…

Dear Member,
   We told you last month about KRCB’s focus this year on health, on becoming healthier as a community and as individuals. And about how KRCB staff is putting our money where our mouth is and doing some walking together, some yoga together, and trying to laugh together at the occasional staff brown bag lunch.
   This month you’ll begin to see programming online and on television and radio that highlights health issues. For example, beginning on March 12, KRCB Television will be bringing back Healing Quest, the only national series focused on integrative health. More of our KRCB-FM North Bay Report programs will focus on local developments in the health and health care systems. Our News Director, Bruce Robinson has been invited to be a part of The Association of Health Care Journalist national conference, a very nice compliment indeed.
   And, we’ll be reaching out to local partners to work on exercise, especially focusing on kids, the obesity epidemic, and diabetes. Hand in hand will be a focus on healthy eating, our local farm community, and sustainable farming practices, jumping off from our decades-long commitment to great local foods on Michele Jordan’s Mouthful.
   Join us in exploring health care, health policy, and creating a healthier North Bay community.
   Here’s to your health!


           NHK Available on KRCB 22.3, Comcast Ch. 817

North Bay News

Aug 27

When the Inside Air is a Health Hazard

The indoor air quality inspections of the Redwood Gospel Mission properties in Santa Rosa (see the North Bay Report for August 26) , and the Sanchez family’s home, were a joint donation by the Green…
Aug 26

Assessing Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality problems can be a serious health concern, but they are invisible, and often hard to detect or trace. On today’s North Bay Report, Bruce Robinson tags along as anold and heavily…
Aug 25

Grey Wolves Begin to Reappear in California

Hunted to near-extinction, grey wolves are an endangered species that is beginning to rebound. Recent sightings and a new documentary are re-igniting interest in this apex predator which has been…
Aug 24

Energy Efficiency Boosts California Economy

Reducing the energy used by buildings and appliances across California has saved consumers billions, while also creating jobs and stimulating other sectors of the economy. But there’s still more…
Aug 20

Some Improvement In California Drought Year Over Year

ALSO: CA Lawmaker Wants Label on Food Made With 'Fracking Water.


Music News

Aug 19

In Classic Pop, Destroyer's Dan Bejar Finds A New Voice

For nearly two decades now, Dan Bejar — the mind behind the enigmatic rock enterprise Destroyer — has put out albums that double as propositions to consider what this thing called Destroyer has been…
Aug 19

First Listen: Beach House, 'Depression Cherry'

Beach House works with a simple set of ingredients — a few vintage keyboards, programmed drums, an electric guitar and the drowsily alluring voice of Victoria Legrand — to evoke a specific tone that…
Aug 19

First Listen: Anna Thorvaldsdottír, 'In The Light Of Air'

The album might be called In the Light of Air, but it's anything but conventionally light or airy. Instead, this rumbling, evocative music by composer Anna Thorvaldsdottír seems grounded deep in the…
Aug 19

First Listen: Ruby Amanfu, 'Standing Still'

Ruby Amanfu made an incredible impression as Jack White's visual and vocal foil during live and recorded performances of his 2012 single "Love Interruption" — she as the inscrutable,…


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