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1964: The Fight for a Right

Monday, August 3 at 9 pm. By the mid twentieth century, Mississippi's African Americans had suffered from nearly 75 years of slavery by another name - Jim Crow discrimination. In 1964 in Mississippi,…


Health Connections

What does it look like when a community is healthy? There’s more to it than eating fruits and vegetables and exercising. Community health is measured in high school graduation rates, economic…

Dear Member,
   We told you last month about KRCB’s focus this year on health, on becoming healthier as a community and as individuals. And about how KRCB staff is putting our money where our mouth is and doing some walking together, some yoga together, and trying to laugh together at the occasional staff brown bag lunch.
   This month you’ll begin to see programming online and on television and radio that highlights health issues. For example, beginning on March 12, KRCB Television will be bringing back Healing Quest, the only national series focused on integrative health. More of our KRCB-FM North Bay Report programs will focus on local developments in the health and health care systems. Our News Director, Bruce Robinson has been invited to be a part of The Association of Health Care Journalist national conference, a very nice compliment indeed.
   And, we’ll be reaching out to local partners to work on exercise, especially focusing on kids, the obesity epidemic, and diabetes. Hand in hand will be a focus on healthy eating, our local farm community, and sustainable farming practices, jumping off from our decades-long commitment to great local foods on Michele Jordan’s Mouthful.
   Join us in exploring health care, health policy, and creating a healthier North Bay community.
   Here’s to your health!


           NHK Available on KRCB 22.3, Comcast Ch. 817

North Bay News

Jul 30

Take A Walk On The Wild Side in Sonoma County's Great Outdoors

Your Sonoma County Regional Parks encompass over 11,000 acres in open space.
Jul 30

Californians Reduce Water Use By 27 Percent in June

Water regulators are praising Californians for reducing their water use by 27 percent in June.
Jul 30

An 'Opportunity Fair' for Young Workers

More than just a summer job, The Sonoma County Youth Ecology Corp is grooming its participants for the broader workforce, and providing access to numerous possible future career paths.
Jul 29

Napolitano Testifies In Senate Hearing On Campus Sexual Assualts

ALSO: New study finds most Californians support the state’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Jul 29

Pending Sainthood for Junipero Serra Remains Controversial

The Franciscan priest who founded the California Missions is due to be sainted by Pope Francis this fall, a move that has reignited the debate over his treatment of the native people who met the…


Music News

Jul 30

In The Middle Of A Whirlwind, Miranda Lambert Shares The Spotlight

There was a time when rock critics regularly described Miranda Lambert as some sort of vengeful, arson-happy, petite, blond Amazonion, thanks both to the potent imagery in some of her early singles…
Jul 29

Bluesman Ted Drozdowski on Beale Street Caravan, Tuesday, August 4 at 11 pm

Psychedelic bluesman Ted Drozdowski features on Beale Street Caravan this week with his band Scissormen. Also this week, we continue our series called Wex of Wax, featuring the late, great, Jerry…
Jul 29

An Intimate Concert of Americana: Kevin Russell and His So-Called Friends, August 15

The next KRCB Concert in the Garden at Chroma Gallery features local band Kevin Russell and His So-Called Friends. According to the North Bay Bohemian, "Kevin and Friends will play an eclectic blend…
Jul 29

Buddy Emmons, The Pedal-Steel Guitarist Who 'Taught Everybody To Play,' Has Died

Country music wouldn't sound like itself without the pedal-steel guitar, and the instrument sounds the way it does today because of Buddy Emmons, who died Wednesday in Nashville at 78.


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