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Restorative Justice: Changing Hearts and Minds

Monday, July 6 at 7:30 pm. Filmed over a two-year period by director John Beck, this documentary explores the work of the organization Restorative Resources and examines the local restorative justice…


Health Connections

What does it look like when a community is healthy? There’s more to it than eating fruits and vegetables and exercising. Community health is measured in high school graduation rates, economic…

North Bay News

EPA to Expand Pesticide Ban

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it plans to ban the commonly-used agricultural pesticide, chlorpyrifos.

Dear Member,
   We told you last month about KRCB’s focus this year on health, on becoming healthier as a community and as individuals. And about how KRCB staff is putting our money where our mouth is and doing some walking together, some yoga together, and trying to laugh together at the occasional staff brown bag lunch.
   This month you’ll begin to see programming online and on television and radio that highlights health issues. For example, beginning on March 12, KRCB Television will be bringing back Healing Quest, the only national series focused on integrative health. More of our KRCB-FM North Bay Report programs will focus on local developments in the health and health care systems. Our News Director, Bruce Robinson has been invited to be a part of The Association of Health Care Journalist national conference, a very nice compliment indeed.
   And, we’ll be reaching out to local partners to work on exercise, especially focusing on kids, the obesity epidemic, and diabetes. Hand in hand will be a focus on healthy eating, our local farm community, and sustainable farming practices, jumping off from our decades-long commitment to great local foods on Michele Jordan’s Mouthful.
   Join us in exploring health care, health policy, and creating a healthier North Bay community.
   Here’s to your health!


           NHK Available on KRCB 22.3, Comcast Ch. 817

North Bay News

Jul 01

Smart Phones Sold In California Must Have Kill Switch

ALSO: Insurance requirements are now higher for California ride-share drivers beginning this month.
Jun 30

Objections Raised to Congressional Drought Bill

A Congressional bid to weigh in on California's drought and water use is weighted against wildlife, says an influential advocacy group.
Jun 30

Documenting Restorative Justice in Santa Rosa

Restorative Justice isn’t a new concept.
Jun 30

All California Workers Eligible For Sick Pay Today

ALSO: A California bill could hit water wasters with an excise tax up to 300-percent more than the purchase price of water.
Jun 30

The Next Generation of Food

A website offering positive reinforcement for close-to-home food choices is out to bolster the economic viability of local agriculture.


Music News

Jul 01

Hear the Ghost Town Blues Band on Beale Street Caravan, Tuesday, July 7 at 11 pm

This week Beale Street Caravan features The Ghosttown Blues Band. The band is touring behind their recent release, Hard Road To Hoe. BSC contributor David Less stops in to wrap up his series, "The…
Jul 01

Buffy Sainte-Marie on Art of the Song

Our guest this week on Art of the Song is the legendary Canadian-American folk singer, educator, and activist, Buffy Sainte-Marie. Although Buffy's music today is far from traditional folk, it…
Jul 01

First Listen: Veruca Salt, 'Ghost Notes'

Jul 01

First Listen: Stacy Barthe, 'BEcoming'

Stacy Barthe's debut album, BEcoming, is all about brutal, fearless honesty. Having already written songs for a string of modern R&B and pop stars, Barthe first began to break through as a headliner…

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