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Frontline: Secrets, Politics, and Torture

Thursday, May 28 at 9pm. This is the dramatic story of the fight over the CIA's controversial interrogation methods, widely criticized as torture. Based on recently declassified documents and…


Art Matters

KRCB North Bay Public Media challenges Sonoma County High School Students to identify a social issue that matters to them and to consider how they might express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about that issue through art. Then KRCB will help them create that art and present it to the public. Learn more at ART MATTERS.

North Bay News

Expanding 'Motor Voter' Registrations

Voter turnout hit record lows in California last year. So new legislation in Sacramento aims to increase registration, as a first step toward greater electoral participation. 3:24 Original Source

Dear Member,
robinWe are delighted to report that Robin Pressman, our KRCB FM Program Director, is a recipient of a  2011 Boho Award from the North Bay Bohemian. In announcing the award, the paper noted that Robin has “gone to extraordinary lengths to support and promote independent artists in the North Bay.”

While Robin is the first to say, “I really see this as an award for KRCB and every one who works here, including all of the many volunteers,” we all know that even great teams need a sparkplug, an inspiration, and Robin has been providing that for 16 incredibly productive years. Again, from the Boho: “Your encouragement and counsel have proven invaluable to many...” as Robin has featured and promoted hundreds of local artists in all mediums. “We are definitely giving voice to people who don’t necessarily get a voice in today’s media.”

Which, of course, is the mission of KRCB. And it is appropriate to recognize the individuals who make it happen.
Congratulations, Robin!


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North Bay News

May 25

State Builds Emergency Barrier To Protect Water Supplies

ALSO: Another strong jobs report for California.
May 25

Prepping for Fire Season With the Hot Shots

3:33 Fire season is coming fast upon us.
May 24

California Republicans Change Tone On Immigration

Immigration debates in the California Legislature aren’t what they used to be.
May 21

Calculating Residential Water Changes

An easy-to-use computer modeling tool allows homeowners and others to calculate water use and installation costs for building, landscaping or remodeling projects.
May 20

CMA Drops Opposition To Physician Aid In Dying

ALSO: Water Board considers voluntary water cut from farmers.


Music News

May 26

Eilen Jewell, The Half-Broke Horse Of Idaho, Returns Home

When Eilen Jewell was growing up in Boise, she says she had a sense of wanderlust. "I always felt like I wanted to leave," Jewell says. "And I remember when I learned the word 'wanderlust,' I felt…
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May 25

Heavy Rotation: 'Hard Time' By Seinabo Sey

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May 25

Heavy Rotation: Seinabo Sey's 'Hard Time'

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