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It's "Gut-And-Amend" Time At The Capitol

  The California Legislature’s “gut-and-amend” process is highly criticized, but lawmakers defend it as necessary.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today's reporting by Ben Adler.

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Dec 16

Applying Restorative Justice at School

To cut down on student suspensions and expulsions, two Santa Rosa schools have introduced restorative justice programs as an alternative.
Dec 15

California Housing Market's Middle-Class Squeeze Deepened in 2014

Today, part 1 of a short series from Capital Public Radio News about how various sectors of the California economy have fared in 2014.
Dec 15

Restorative Justice Comes to Santa Rosa Schools

Santa Rosa City Schools are experimenting with restorative justice, as a disciplinary alternative to widespread suspensions.
Dec 14

Only 42 Percent Of Californians Voted In November's Election

ALSO: More benefits put immigrants at risk from scams.
Dec 14

Community Policing Task Force Recommendations

Asked to suggest ways to help local law enforcement be more effective and accountable, a citizen task force is calling for more diversity, better training, and improved communications with the people…