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Jan 18

Guerneville Early Days

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Bruce Robinson


The history of Guerneville has been marked by a series of economic surges, most of them relatively short-lived.



 John Schubert

An early businessman named John Bagley may have been the most prominent citizen of the town that became Guerneville, but as Schubert relates,  Bagley chose to name it for one of his friends and business partners, rather than himself.


Before the train came out the Russian River from the Santa Rosa plain, some Guerneville area entrepreneurs tried using the river itself as a transportation corridor, but as John Schubert relates, that proved to be a short-lived experiment.

John Schubert,  is a Russian River historian and board member for the Sonoma County Historical Society as well as the Russian River Historical Society. His  Guerneville Early Days: A History of the Lower Russian River, covers the history of Guerneville up to 1910.



Schubert's self-published book received the 1999 Campbell Augustus Menefee Scholastic Award.

Fires, earthquakes, economic hard times and more have all taken a toll, at one time or another, on the Russian River town of Guerneville, as John Schubert details in this North Bay Report.





As logging cleared more and more land along the lower Russian River, some astute local businessmen came up with a plan to maximize their resources, by selling vacation homes in the area.


A common feature of these vacation homes was a wraparound porch, which John Schubert explains was far more practical when they were built than now.


Jan 04

Business Resolutions

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Bruce Robinson


New year's resolutions aren't just for individuals; local businesses also can, and quite possibly should, pledge to take fresh actions in 2009.




Ben Stone, Executive Director of the Sonoma County Economic Development Board (above) offers this advice to business owners as the new year begins:

For workers, 2009 will also likely be an unsettled year. In the following audio clip, Stone suggests some creative approaches to keeping paychecks coming for those who may find themselves "downsized."


Dec 28

Forestville History

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Bruce Robinson


To folks passing through today, Forestville appears to be a quiet residential hamlet in western Sonoma County. But it wasn’t all that long ago that the railroads still ran to the town, and Forestville was a bustling center of commerce. Those early days were well documented by that new-fangled technology called photography, which has provided a wealth of material for this newly published illustrated history, compiled and written by Penny Hutten and members of the Forestville Historical Society.




To visit the Forestville Historical Society website, click here

Virginia Hughes (front row, far right in the photo above) and Ron Davis (front row, at left)  were among the main contributors to the book.



Dec 18

Democrats' budget bills

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Bruce Robinson

Democrats in the California state legislature have pushed through an $18 billion budget package aimed at slowing the state's growing deficit. But its not clear that the bills will become law--or that they were legally adopted.




Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) chairs the Assembly Budget Committee, and believes the budget actions taken Thursday were at least technically legal. But because they employed a never-before-used strategem, that's open to debate. Sacramento Bee political columnist Dan Walters explains the issues here .

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