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Jul 09

Police complaints

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Police Accountability Clinic and Hotline (PACH)

719 Orchard Street, Santa Rosa, 95404

(707) 542-7224

(707) 542-PACH


For a short biographical portrait of Big Man Howard, read this .

Read more about cop watch in Sonoma County here .

Link to the ACLU of Northern California here .

Jul 06

May Day arrest

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Ben Saari

Supporters of Ben Saari have organized an online petition and letter-writing campaign on his behalf.

Ben Saari talks about his experience copwatching in Sonoma County in the audio clip below.

Jul 01


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Concerns about “usage creep,” in which tasers are used when other methods might be more appropriate, were raised in the 2005 report Stun Gun Fallacy: How the Lack of Taser Regulation Endangers Lives , published by the ACLU of Northern California in 2005.


Tasers are aggressively marketed by the manufacturer, Taser International. Their latest model, the C2, is designed for personal use (only in self-defense of course) and comes in 9 designer colors.