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Nov 16

Organic Fish

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Bruce Robinson

The USDA is preparing to adopt standards defnining exactly what can be labeled organically farmed fish. Not surprisingly, that's prompted a big debate behind the scenes.


 A typical "open pen" at a commercial salmon farm. These pens are usually arranged in larger groupings (such as the one shown in the photo below), linked by walkways that are used by the staff.


This commercial salmon fishing operation is in a deepwater cove off Lucas Bay, Alaska. Most of the world's salmon farming is done in the cold northern Pacific and Atlantic waters off North America.










 Urvashi Rangun (right)  is a senior scientist and policy analyst for Consumer's Union, which is advocating for rigorous new standards for farmed seafood to be labled "organic."


Sep 24

Ocean Noise Pollution

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Bruce Robinson

Noise pollution from big ships is a growing problem under the sea along the California coast, especially for the whales who share the sea lanes.


 Seaflow, a nonprofit organization that works to protect marine life, is advocating for ships to reduce speed once entering the marine sanctuaries.

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