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Aug 05

Bay Area Ridge Trail

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Bruce Robinson


To view the website that contains this map of the Bay Area Ridge Trail as well other useful information, click here.

There's a second trail project around San Francisco Bay, but running as close to the water as possible. Learn about the San Francisco Bay Trail here.

This unusual view of the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen as the Bay Trail crosses under the northern approach. There are sectional maps of this trail here.


For a list of upcomiong hikes on trails within the Sonoma County Open Space District, go here.

Jul 31

Car Sharing

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Bruce Robinson


 Gertting people out of their cars altogether is a long-term endeavor, so in the short term, the sebastopol-based Post Carbon Institute is preparing to model an alternate way to reduce fossil fuel consumption through their Solar Car Share program.




Visit the  Post-Carbon Institute to see  what other projects they have going.

 For details about the Solar Car Share project, click here

Jul 14

Greening wineries

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As businesses across California and the country seek new ways to become sustainable in the 21st century, North Bay wineries are setting the pace for local agriculture.






Meeet John Garn, managing Partner of ViewCraft.


Our audio report on the greening of the wine industrycontinues below.


There's more information about the California Wine Institute's sustainability program here.