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Oct 19

Autism Summit

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Bruce Robinson
An unusual gathering of educators, service providers parents and tomorrow (Tuesday) will look at ways local schools can meet the needs of the rapidly growing number of students diagnosed with autism.

Andrew Bailey is  Executive Director of Anova Center for Education , which has campuses in Santa Rosa, San Rafael and American Canyon in Napa County. Anova was founded in 200o.


When:             Tuesday, October 21st, 3:30pm-6:30 pm

Where:            The Anova Center for Education 

                         3033 Cleveland Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA

Cost:                FREE to participants and attendees

For more information or to reserve your seat, contact Anova at: (707) 527-7032


Anova will be hosting the Autism Community Team (ACT!) of Sonoma County in the First Annual Autism Community Symposium, "Meeting Challenges and Creating Opportunities". This forum brings together parents, public schools, regional centers and private providers to increase understanding of what services are currently available to those impacted by autism, and to discuss all that remains to be accomplished.

Autism is the fastest growing disability in the US.  With 1 out of every 150 children diagnosed with autism, autism is more prevalent than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes, and pediatric AIDS combined. Here in California, the number of students with autism in grades K-12 has increased more than 1000% over the past 20 years. With statistics such as these, there is no question: autism has a widespread emotional, social and economic impact on our community, and has ramifications our community must be prepared to fully address.


As autism spectrum diagnoses become more frequent among local students, Andrew Bailey says it is increasingly important for schools to implement cost-effective approaches to meeting their needs.

Oct 09

Animal Legal Defense Fund Part II

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Bruce Robinson

 From dogs to pigs to chimpanzees, The Animal Legal Defense Fund represents an interesting and unusual array of interests.

ALDF is an active supporter of Proposition 2, a major initiative for farm animal rights.



Stephen Wells explains why roadside zoos are an area of interest to the ALDF, and how they found a way to sue one such zoo that did not treat its animals very well.





Oct 08

Animal Legal Defense Fund Part I

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Bruce Robinson


Issues involving animals are a growing area of American law, one where the Cotati-based Animal Legal Defense Fund is actively involved.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, or ALDF, has worked to protect the rights of animals since 1979. Executive Director Steven Wells, has been working with the organization for 9 years. During that time, one of his priorities has been establishing  student ALDF  chapters at law schools nationwide. To view the ALDF website click here.



The Michael Vick dog-fighting case exposed a short-coming in the applicable law in Virginia, one that the ALDF helped the state legislature to address.



Oct 06

Sonoma County's Climate Action Plan

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Bruce Robinson


It's one thing to set ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but quite another to map out exactly how Sonoma County can reach the goals it has set.

 Sonoma County's Community Climate Action Plan will be unveiled tonight at the Climate Protection Campaigns office in downtown Santa Rosa, at 31 D Street. The community is invited to the free event which is scheduled 6:30 - 8 pm. For more information, click here. A link to the action plan will also be posted there after Oct. 8.


Read more about Sonoma County's greenhouse gas reduction goals here



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