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Nov 02

Homeless Soccer

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Bruce Robinson
Playing soccer isn't a well-traveled path out of homelessness. But for one formerly troubled Santa Rosa man, it's working.

Cornelius Bracy, a formerly homeless  soccer player from Sonoma County, will be  part of the American team at the Homeless World Cup that takes place in Australia next month. The Homeless World Cup began in 2003 as a "catalyst for lasting change through the development of street soccer worldwide in a way that creates maximum social impact for the players involved--the socially excluded, homeless people and people living in poverty."


Julius Ujeh, a soccer coach from Nigeria, began a Street Soccer league for homeless young adults in Sonoma County. The program, originally started in Australia, has given young adults a purpose that teaches discipline and self-motivation. 

Street soccer is a mini-version of the traditional game of soccer, which can be played on any hard, flat rectangular surface, roughly the size of a tennis court. The new "traveling field" (shown below) gives the U.S. team an attractive, safe surface on which to play, and a sense of identity for the players.

Four players compete on each side (one of them is a goalie) and games last for 14 minutes each. While games are short, they are very fast-paced. The name of the event was coined in 2003 during the first Homeless World Cup.


Oct 26

Elder Financial Abuse

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Bruce Robinson

Some seniors are especially vulnerable to financial abuse from people close to them, but the Elder Financial Protection Network is working to reduce those risks.

There's a 24-hour, toll-free hotline for reporting suspected elder abuse at 1-888-436-3600. Additional resources are available through every California county.


  EFPN is holding a online wine auction to help support the local non-profit. Bidding is active from Oct. 31 through Nov. 9.

An online  guide to resources available to residents anywhere in the United States is the Elder Care Locator. If you're not sure exactly what elder financial abuse is, there are answers here.

Oct 22

U Visas

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Bruce Robinson

Victims of domestic violence, including undocumented immigrants, now have some new programs available to protect them.

Here is a link to a page of frequently asked questions about U Visas.

Below are some additional resources with links.

Catholic Charities Immigration Services

Sonoma County YWCA

 US  Immigration Service


Oct 21

Access Adventure

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Bruce Robinson


From the Sacramento River delta to the wilds of California's national parks, Michael Muir is helping urban wheelchair users maintain contact with the great outdoors.

Michael Muir is the Director of Access Adventure,  whose mission is "to provide outdoor recreation, environmental education and open space access to underserved youth and people with disabilities, using innovative wheelchair accessible horse-drawn carriages."

Access Adventure will be joining other organizations at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds on October 24th for the Disability Services and Legal Center Tech Expo. For more info about this event, click here.

There are many equestrian programs for people with disabilities, but Muir says Access Adventure is different, and can complement hippotherapy activites.



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