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Oct 05

Local Economic Impacts

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Bruce Robinson

  Same sex weddings and Community Impact Reports could both have a notable effect on the Sonoma County economy.




On  October 6, the Petaluma City Council is expected to vote on a resolution requiring Community Impact Reports (CIRs)  for new large retail developments in the city, including those shown on this map.




The Living Wage Coalition of Sonoma County is the leading local advocate forCommunity Impact Reports.



Sep 22

Sequoia Village

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Bruce Robinson

A unique affordable housing project in Sebastopol is combining a new co-housing community with the self-help or "sweat equity" approach to building it.


Tom Kuhn, the Sequoia Village project manager for Burbank Housing, explains the co-housing aspect of the development.


As future Sequoia Village homeowner Lee Logan sees it, this co-housing process has been different than most.



Sequoia Village in Sebastopol, a new family co-housing development offered through Burbank Housing Development Corp, was facilitatied by the late Michael Black (left)   who was the architect for the Two Acre Wood co-housing project in Sebastopol (pictured below). 


To learn more about co-housing, visit  Planning for Sustainable Communities here.


Sep 18

Solar Sonoma County

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Bruce Robinson

The Solar Sonoma County program, which got its official kick-off last night, may make our area a model for other rural regions that want to expand their use of solar power.

Click here to see a detailed 2-page fact sheet on Solar Sonoma County. (pdf)



John Lushetsky from the federal Department of Energy, where he is the manager of the Solar Energy Technologies Program. As more and more solar panels collect electricity, there will be increasing demand for batteries to store and save that power. John Lushetshy says his agency will soon turn its attention to that aspect of energy independence as well.

Ives Pool in Sebastopol is an example of a local public facility that has installed solar panels to hold down energy costs.

Sep 17

The Geneva Conventions

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Bruce Robinson

The Geneva Conventions are not a conference, but an international treaty signed by every established nation in the world. And there are four of them.

Miller talks about the Supreme Court ruling earlier this year that applied the Geneva Conventions to the U.S. detention facility at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba.


Tim Miller

The local Red Cross offers a free class to educate the public about the Geneva Conventions four times a year. Upcoming classes will be held September 20, and November 15, 9 to1 each day . For further information call (707) 577-7600, or to register online, click here .

The Society for Professional Journalists has prepared an online  reference guide on the Geneva Conventions, including the full text, which can be accessed here.




For the direct link to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, about the Geneva Convention, click here.


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