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Aug 25

Democratic Convention

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Bruce Robinson
If you look hard enough, there’s always a local angle to the biggest news story of the day, and in the case of the Democratic Convention in Denver, KRCB has two.

 Click on the logo to link to a schedule of convention speakers.


Each eveningthis week, KRCB News Director Bruce Robinson will be talking with columnist Susan Swartz and writer and media critic Norman Solomon, about events as they unfold in Denver. You can hear those full reports here .



To hear previous work by Susan Swartz on KRCB, click here .

To read more about Norman Solomon’s work,

click here .

Aug 06

Calculating CAMP's impacts

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Bruce Robinson

It's CAMP season in California once again.

As of this summer, CAMP, the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting, has been underway for 25 years. They have charted the operation's annual impacts on charts on the state's CAMP website.

The Marijuana Policy Program argues that CAMP is not only ineffective but harmful to the community. They advocate the decriminalization of marijuana as a first step toward theregulation and control of its cultivation and use. You can read more about MPP here .


Jul 09

Police complaints

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Bruce Robinson


Police Accountability Clinic and Hotline (PACH)

719 Orchard Street, Santa Rosa, 95404

(707) 542-7224

(707) 542-PACH


For a short biographical portrait of Big Man Howard, read this .

Read more about cop watch in Sonoma County here .

Link to the ACLU of Northern California here .

Jul 06

May Day arrest

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Bruce Robinson



Ben Saari

Supporters of Ben Saari have organized an online petition and letter-writing campaign on his behalf.

Ben Saari talks about his experience copwatching in Sonoma County in the audio clip below.

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