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Nov 04

Election Results 2008

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Bruce Robinson
While the presidential election yesterday was a sweeping victory for Democrats from the top of the ticket on down, many local races in the north bay were much more narrowly decided.




To view the complete list of Sonoma County's unofficial election results, click here.

 For the statewide California election results, click here.




Oct 29

SSU Unit Limit

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Bruce Robinson


Budget cuts and increased enrollment are driving Sonoma State University to impose a limit on how many courses students can take next semester.


For many on the SSU campus, the first word of the new cap on academic units for the Spring Semester came in the form of a front page article on the Star, the weekly campus newspaper, on Tuesday. That angered many faculty members, who saw it as another instance of the university administration imposing its will and decisions, without appropriate consultation or notice, as Professor Andy Merrifield explains.

However,  the University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Eduaro Ochoa (right), says this was an emergency action, and there simply wasn't time to include those collaborative steps.




Oct 28

Agent Orange

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Bruce Robinson

Three generations later, a poisonous chemical used by American armed forces in Viet Nam is still wreaking havoc on the native population.

The effects of the U.S. military's use of Agent Orange in Viet Name are rippling down through the generations of the population there, Merle Ratner says, and so far there is no end in sight.



      To educate the community on the impact of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, the 4th annual Justice for Vietnam Agent Orange Victims will stop in Santa Rosa at the Glaser Center (see map)  on October 29th 7  pm.   Tran Thi Hoan (right) and Dang Hong Nhut (below), both victims of Agent Orange, will be speaking at the event. To see a map of the Glaser Center location, click here .               





Oct 26

Elder Financial Abuse

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Bruce Robinson

Some seniors are especially vulnerable to financial abuse from people close to them, but the Elder Financial Protection Network is working to reduce those risks.

There's a 24-hour, toll-free hotline for reporting suspected elder abuse at 1-888-436-3600. Additional resources are available through every California county.


  EFPN is holding a online wine auction to help support the local non-profit. Bidding is active from Oct. 31 through Nov. 9.

An online  guide to resources available to residents anywhere in the United States is the Elder Care Locator. If you're not sure exactly what elder financial abuse is, there are answers here.

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