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Dec 25

Out of Poverty

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Bruce Robinson

The best way to fight poverty, says Paul Polak, is to talk to and learn from the people who know the most about it-the poor themselves.



Paul Polack detailed his ideas for combatting poverty worldwide in an article in the Smithsonian earlier this year. You can read it here.   Or find out more about his book on the subject, Out of Poverty , by clicking on the cover below.

One important difference between urban poverty in America and the third world, is the presence of government programs to assist the poor. But they can also pose a significant obstacle to climbing out of poverty, as Paul Polack explains.

 Paul Polak was the keynote speaker at the Fifth Annual Dialog on Poverty hosted September 25, 2008 by Community Action Partnership of Sonoma  County.


Dec 22

Uncertain Peril

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Bruce Robinson


One way or another, seeds have fed humans for centuries. But their future, and ours, is threatened by the combination of genetic engineering and global warming.



Click here to read an excerpt from Uncertain Peril.




Claire Hope Cummings, the author of Uncertain Peril, is a Napa County based writer, journalist and environmental attorney.


Dec 21

The World Without Us

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Bruce Robinson

If all of humankind were to vanish from the planet overnight, the effects of our presence would linger on for centuries, and in some cases, millennia.



 Author Alan Weisman. Read his full bio here.



If humankind were to vanish from the Earth, which of our artifacts would be the first to follow us, and what would endure the longest? Find out here .



Dec 17


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Bruce Robinson


If you can define gelato, you're ahead of the state of California.



Most food products in California have detailed legal definitions. Chris Tan, founder and co-owner of Gelateria Naia in Hercules, says ice cream is a good example of that, and a good model for the standards he has proposed for gelato.

Tan considers his company to be part of the Slow Food movement--it takes about 16 hours to make a batch of gelato--and he hopes the definition he has proposed will reinforce California's position as a leader in adopting healthy food standards.




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