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Mar 15

Masai land rights

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Bruce Robinson

 Western concepts of property rights don't mesh well with the nomadic lifestyle of East African tribes like the Masai -but it's possible that eco-tourism can.











Elias Morandot and his wife, Mary, have been visiting California and reporting on the circumstances that face their Masai people as guests of Global Partners for Development, a Rohnert Park based non-profit that provides heath, educational and economic development assistance to small rural communities in East Africa, including Morandot's villagage of Arkaria (seen below.)


A more detailed analysis of the Maasai tribal land rights issue can be read here.


Ngorogoro Crater is one of the most popular destinations for tourists to see African wildlife within the Masai people's traditional territory. Two others are Seregeti National Park and the MasaiMara National Reserve.




Mar 12

The Tyranny of Oil

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Bruce Robinson

 Oil companies are consolidating and reaping record profits. And that's not a good thing, for democracy or for planet earth.


It's not the cost of oil at the derrick that has been driving up the price of gasoline at the pump, says researcher, analyst and writer Antonia Juhasz. A far more influential factor is the speculative trading of oil price futures, which happens outside the view or regulatory control of this or any other government.




While most big oil companies have recently begun to portray themselves as newly sensitive to the environment and open to alternative energy, Juhasz isn't buying it.



Mar 09

Nature Deficit

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Bruce Robinson

 They call it "the pedagogy of place"--  using the natural environment as a learning tool for kids. And it may be the best available antidote to passive, media-dominated childhoods that can result in obesity, diabetes, and other health problems.


Rocky Rohwedder (left),  a professor of Enviromental Studies and Planning at SSU, believes that kids in today's industrialized societies  are not spending enough time outdoors  and are missing out on what nature has to teach them.



The term "nature deficit disorder " was coined and popularized by writer by Richard Louv in his 2005 book Last Child in the Woods. You can hear him interviewed about it on NPR's Morning Edition here.

Louv is also the co-founder and chairman of the Children & Nature Network, which was created to encourage and support the people and organizations working to reconnect children with nature.




Mar 05

Economic collapse

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Bruce Robinson

 The current economic downturn may take years to level out, predicts a local analyst, but in the short term, over-extended homeowners have some new options to protect their properties.



Sebastopol journalist  Steve  Pizzo was a co-author of this critically acclaimed expose of the savings and loan scandals of the early 1990s. Today's economic woes are sometimes described as a meltdown, a metaphor that he says is disturbingly accurate.



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