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Sep 28

Railroad Freight Service

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Bruce Robinson

 The future of passenger service on the rail line through Sonoma County depends on North Bay voters next month, while the resumption of freight trains should happen sooner, regardless of the election's outcome.

    NCRA Exective Director Mitch Stogner

While the prospect of renewed freight service on the southern portion of the NCWA tracks is drawing close, Mitch Stogner says the process for moving forward with the rail line north of Willits will involve an entirely separate series of studies and hearings.


The North Coast Railroad Authority (NCRA) was created in 1989 under the North Coast Railroad Authority Act with the purpose of developing and ensuring a railroad transportation system for Northwestern California. You can read their full history here .

There's a map of the full NCRA rail line below.




Sep 23

Iraqi Refugees

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 One of the untold stories of the war in Iraq is the millions of refugees who have fled their country, with no idea what their future may hold.

Kathy Kelly describes a typical refugee camp home for an Iraqi family in Syria.

Speaking at at the Oddfellows Hall,  545 Pacific Avenue in Santa Rosa, on Wednesday, September 24th at 7 pm, renowned activist Kathy Kelly (center)  reports on her recent visit with Iraqi refugees in Amman, Jordan. Highlights of her trip include learning about nonviolence groups operating in Iraq and the efforts of Americans to support these and other Iraqis as they struggle to build a productive and peaceful future. Reflecting on her participation in a peace walk from Chicago to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Kathy will also talk about "war and memory," drawing parallels with collective resistance to other wars, and reminding us of our connections across regions, national boundaries, and generations. The event is being hosted by the Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County.

David Smith-Ferri, Kathy's friend and author of Battlefield Without Borders, will open with a reading of new poems. 

The huge number of displaced people, and the shortage of resources to aid them is creating a social disaster that Kelly says will take a generation or longer to repair.


 Kelly has visited Iraq 24 times, and she continues to share her experience and vast knowledge on the economical and living situation for the people of Iraq. To see more about her previous presentations, click here.

For more information about Kathy Kelly and her work with Voices for Creative Nonviolence, click here.


Sep 22

Sequoia Village

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Bruce Robinson

A unique affordable housing project in Sebastopol is combining a new co-housing community with the self-help or "sweat equity" approach to building it.


Tom Kuhn, the Sequoia Village project manager for Burbank Housing, explains the co-housing aspect of the development.


As future Sequoia Village homeowner Lee Logan sees it, this co-housing process has been different than most.



Sequoia Village in Sebastopol, a new family co-housing development offered through Burbank Housing Development Corp, was facilitatied by the late Michael Black (left)   who was the architect for the Two Acre Wood co-housing project in Sebastopol (pictured below). 


To learn more about co-housing, visit  Planning for Sustainable Communities here.


Sep 21

Proposition 5

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Bruce Robinson

Proposition Five on the November ballot would make widespread changes in the ways that drug users are treated by California's prison system.


The Yes on Prop 5 website is here.

The No on Prop 5 website is here .

There's an impartial analysis of the measure here. And you can read the actual text of Proposition 5 here. (pdf, 61 pages)


 The September 24th forum on Proposition 5, to be held at 7 pm in the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors' chambers (575 Administration Drive, Suite 100A, Santa Rosa), is hosted and sponsored by the Sonoma County Advisory Board on Drug and Alcohol Problems.