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Dec 29

The West at Risk

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Bruce Robinson

The seeds of the rapacious exploitation of the American West lie in the popular myths about the region's history, but there's not very much real history within those myths.


  Two of the three co-authors of The American West at Risk, Howard Wilshire and Jane Neilson, are Sebastopol residents.   Wilshire (left)  was a U. S. Geological Survey research geologist for thirty-five years and now is Board Chairman of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.




Nielson was a U. S. Geological Survey research geologist for twenty-five years and now is President of the Sebastopol Water Information Group.






The third co-author, Richard  Hazlett, is Professor of Geology and the coordinator of the Environmental Analysis Program at Pomona College.



While popular histories romanticize the "winning of the west," we now must make some hard policy decisions to keep from losing it.

At left, huge deposits of mining wastes fill the landscape near Yerrington, Nevada.  Below, craters from atomic bomb tests further south in the Nevada desert.

The authors have developed an extensive website with photos, updates, extra chapters, quotations and other materials at LosingTheWest.com

Nov 25

Wood-burning Rules

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Bruce Robinson

Where there's fire there's smoke, and on Spare The Air days that's not a good thing.


The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has adopted new rules that prohibit district residents from using wood burning stoves or fireplaces on specified Spare the Air Days during the winter months.


You can subscribe to an automated email notification system for "no burn: days here. There is also an automated telephone notification system. The Spare the Air Winter alerts are also available by calling 1-877-4-NOBURN (1-877-466-2876).

Most of Sonoma County is part of the Bay Area Air Quality District, and subject to the new rules.The coastal and northern parts of the county which lie outside the  District are not covered by its regulations, and compliance in these areas is voluntary..To see a list of cities and counties covered by the Spare The Air no-burn rules, click here .