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Jul 31

Car Sharing

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Bruce Robinson


 Gertting people out of their cars altogether is a long-term endeavor, so in the short term, the sebastopol-based Post Carbon Institute is preparing to model an alternate way to reduce fossil fuel consumption through their Solar Car Share program.




Visit the  Post-Carbon Institute to see  what other projects they have going.

 For details about the Solar Car Share project, click here

Jul 10


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Bruce Robinson

Not long after Neil Armstrong took his giant step, John Francis also began taking some purposeful strides of his own:

John Francis has documented his history and his travels in a newly published memoir, which is available directly from his website .


Francis explains his belief that how we relate to to each other as human beings also has an effect on the environment in the following adudio clip:

He has also established the Planet Walk Foundation, which has its own website .
Jul 09

Police complaints

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Bruce Robinson


Police Accountability Clinic and Hotline (PACH)

719 Orchard Street, Santa Rosa, 95404

(707) 542-7224

(707) 542-PACH


For a short biographical portrait of Big Man Howard, read this .

Read more about cop watch in Sonoma County here .

Link to the ACLU of Northern California here .

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