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Jan 22

SSU Convocation

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California's budget problems dominated the dialog at the convocation to open the new semester at Sonoma State University.


Jan 21

Economic Forecast for 2009

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Bruce Robinson

 Sonoma County has not been spared by the national economic recession, but economist Steve Cochrane says its effects should be less severe here, with recovery underway by this time next year.

Even though unemployment is up for Sonoma County, and other economic indicators reflect the local effects of the global recession, Cochrane says that, so far at least, our area is weathering the downturn better than many other regions.
It will likely take most of the next 12 months for the Sonoma County housing market to stabilize, Cochrane predicts, with joblessness following a similar arc back toward more acceptible levels late this year and in early 2010.


Cochran also conducts research for the Sonoma County Innovation Council , which has recently released its own economic forecast, viewable here.

Jan 20

State of the County

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The Sonoma County Economic Development Board hosted the 6th annual State of the County breakfast Wednesday morning, with Supervisor Paul Kelley delivering the centerpiece address. KRCB was there to record and bring you his talk.


Supervisor Paul Kelley

Jan 14

Pond turtle breeding

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Hatching endangered pond turtle eggs in a biology lab not only aids understanding the unusual creatures, it may aid their survival as a species, too.


Nick Geist (right)  is a professor of Biology at Sonoma State University where he directs the North Bay Pond Turtle Project




Some people have questioned taking the eggs of an endangered species for a laboratory experiment, but Nick Geist says his students may actually have saved some eggs that would otherwise have perished.


Newly hatched turtles are small and vulnerable (above), until they grow and their shells harden. This may take two years or more in the wild, but the process is accelerated in laboratory conditions, where that state can be reached in about nine months.

Why invest so much effort into the lowly pond turtle? Geist suggests they are a surprisingly significant species.

Natural selection has enabled turtles to survive for millions of years. But some species, such as the endangered Western Pond Turtle,  may need human assistance just to get through the rest of this century.