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Aug 31

Conservation Corps

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Bruce Robinson

What’s the antidote to gangs, unemployment and juvenile crime? In part, it’s the newly rechristened Conservation Corps North Bay.

Marilee Eckert, the organization's Executive Director, explains that their expansion into Sonoma County was begun in early 2009, with the support and encouragement of many local leaders.

08californiaxlarge1.jpgLooking ahead, Eckert sees a busy future for the Conservation Corps North Bay, doing more of what they are already working on.

In addition to referrals from established partner sources, individuals who are interesting in becoming part of the program can apply directly using the CCNB online application form.

The Conervation Corps was  featured previously on the North Bay Report when they launched their Sonoma County operations in January, 2009.

Aug 02

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

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Bruce Robinson

When native wildlife in the North Bay runs afoul of humankind, it’s almost always the animal that comes out second best. That’s when Sonoma  County Wildlife Rescue steps in.

Even after more than 25 years of doing this, there are still surprises, says Executive Director Doris Duncan, including two species that each appeared  there for the first time earlier this year.


 Although she has been caring for all kinds of native animals throughout the organization's 18 year history, Duncan says each one is different.

Whenever possible, the treated creatures are released back into the wild, as close as possible to where they came from.