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Nature: Invasion of the Killer Whales

Tuesday, July 28 at 8 pm. As the ice shrinks in the Arctic, polar bears are struggling to survive in a fast-melting world. Although classified a marine mammal, the polar bear is not adapted to…


Art Matters

KRCB North Bay Public Media challenges Sonoma County High School Students to identify a social issue that matters to them and to consider how they might express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions…

North Bay News

Covered California Releases 2016 Insurance Rates

ALSO: Cal ISO: Electricity Supply In Good Shape For This Week's Heat Wave.

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North Bay News

Jul 27

Preparing for Life Beyond Coal, Oil and Gas

Remaining oil, gas and coal reserves are dirtier and harder to extract.
Jul 26

Study Shows Wildfires Occurring At Higher Elevations

ALSO: Covered California To Release 2016 Rates.
Jul 25

Anticipating Life After Fossil Fuels

What happens when we’ve burned up all the available fossil fuels on Earth? Santa Rosa energy analyst Richard Heinberg says that’s a question we are already late in addressing.
Jul 23

Get Outside and Float The Summer Away Along The Russian River

Since the early 90's, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has quadrupled the number of parks along the popular Russian River.
Jul 23

I-10 Bridge Collapse Might Not Be California's Last

ALSO: Scientists Discover What Makes Lake Tahoe Blue 2:02 Friday, July 24, 2015 Today's reporting by Ben Adler and Amy Quinton.


Music News

Jul 26

Drive By-Truckers To Release Massive Live Album

A great concert is an occasion to tell stories that, as it unfolds, becomes a story unto itself. The members of Drive-By Truckers have been spinning tall and real tales since 1996, with the band's…
Jul 25

On Its New Album, Bomba Estereo Is 'Watching The World' From Colombia

When Bomba Estereo began a decade ago in Bogotá, audiences didn't quite know what to make of it. The group was combining some of the most traditional Colombian sounds with some of the most modern…
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Jul 25

'Summertime' Evokes A Warm Breeze To Accompany Your Summer Road Trip

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Jul 25

The Guitar In The Window: How One Instrument Steered Sir Richard Bishop's Life

Some musicians argue that instruments have souls. Guitarist Richard Bishop says he felt a relationship forming the moment he saw a mysterious acoustic guitar in a secondhand store in Switzerland.


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