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Sonoma County theater critic David Templeton (North Bay Bohemian, Theatre Bay Area Magazine) yanks open the curtain on the best (and worst) of Bay Area theater, giving theater-loving listeners the upbeat lowdown on which plays are happening where, what they're all about and whether they're worth the trip. With unexpected insights, snappy observations, and pithy contextual analysis (yep, sometimes it's even educational!), David's weekly commentary will bring the Bay Area stages right into your car, workplace or living room.

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  • April 16, 2014 - "Next To Normal"
    When I first heard the original cast recording CD of the musical "Next to Normal," I was knocked out by it. Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt’s Pulitzer-winning rock opera about mental illness and pharmacology was like nothing I’d ever seen heard, and I couldn’t wait to see it live on stage. A couple of years later, when the touring production came to San Francisco - with original star Alice Ripley in the role that won her a Tony - I was disappointed, underwhelmed by the phoned-in performances and too-slick roadshow blandness of the enterprise. But I still liked the way the story unfolded and the power of music, and I held firm to the belief that, under the right circumstances, Next to Normal could be as good on stage as it was in my headphones that first time I heard it.

    Who knew that a community theater production in Novato would be the one to prove my faith was justified.

    Under the sensitive and sometimes brilliant direction of Kim Bromley, Novato Theater Company’s full-emotion-ride staging of the Next to Normal is intimate, accessible, and raw - and the cast of skilled, emotionally committed performers just act the hell out of it.

    In Bromley’s hands, the melodramatic bombast of the touring production has given way to an understated yet still effectively intense experience, keeping the humor alive while never blinking in the glare of the play’s harsher observations about the cost of mental illness on the families and loved-one’s of the afflicted.

    Actress Alison Peltz is astonishingly good as Diana Goodman, a middle class wife and mother who seems fairly typical as the play begins. She’s a little bored with her life, she’s amiably at odds with her teenage children, she’s unable to sleep some nights - but otherwise, she seems okay. Then, without warning, Diana has a full-on psychotic break, manically building jam sandwiches on the kitchen floor as her family watches with weary dismay. That’s when we realize that this is not the first time Diana has gone around the bend, and that her daughter, the over-achieving brainiac Natalie, is terrified that she may eventually end up like her mother. As played by a sensational Julianne Thompson, Natalie is a vividly drawn character, written and performed in three-dimensions, warts and wall, and Dianna’s bland-but-devoted husband Dan, played beautifully by Anthony Martinez, is a wonder of conflicting impulses, devotion pushed to breaking point. Dianna’s son Gabe, played by a forcefully present Fernando Siu, is the only one who seems to accept his mother’s illness, and clearly prefers his mom off her meds to on, and that push-pull relationship proves to be at the foundation of Dianna’s struggles.

    And it is Dianna and her battles with the world and her own brain chemistry that stands at the heart of this remarkable musical.

    After 16 long years of daily medicinal treatment, her bipolar disorder is beginning to exhibit schizophrenic symptoms as well. Over Gabe’s protests, she agrees to try a new doctor, the rock-star psychiatrist Dr. Madden, played by a first-rate Sean O’Brien.

    It’s a major part of the play’s power that Diana’s subsequent journey through a series of therapies - including electroshock, portrayed as a power-rock dance-dream sequence - is treated with a stunning lack of judgment or preachiness.

    Novato Theater Company deserves much praise for tackling this play so well, and for doing what the touring show couldn’t - presenting these characters as real, identifiable people, whose ragged pain, wounded love, and biting sense of humor are as highly relatable as they are deeply inspiring.

    "Next to Normal" runs Friday–Sunday, through April 27 at Novato Therater Company.
  • April 9, 2014 - "Nunsense"
    “Nunsense . . . is habit forming!”

    So sings a chorus of slightly risqué nuns in Dan Goggin’s unstoppably popular musical "Nunsense," currently running at the brand new Raven Players Windsor theater, expanding doubling the Raven fiefdom from one theater in Healdsburg, to two. That remark about “habits,” could also definitely apply to urge to theatrical expansion and change, because right now, amongst North Bay theater companies, changing locations seems to be the big trend.

    In addition to the Ravens acquiring a nifty cinderblock building right off the Windsor Town Green, a building that was once a church, another new site is about to open less than ten minutes away.

    The brand new North Bay Stage Company is actually a split-off from the Raven Players, making its new home at Wells Fargo Performing Arts Center. And in Napa, the Napa Valley Players are currently winding up their final season at their longtime location, an eccentric little theater space tucked into a corner behind a Napa strip mall. Facing the necessity of expensive renovations, NVP has decided to hit the road, and for its next season, will play the nomad game, performing in a number of spots around the Napa area.

    In Windsor, meanwhile, the Raven’s have launched their new enterprise with the shrewdly chosen "Nunsense," and play that is about as enduring and popular as its songs are maddeningly catchy.

    The show was inspired by a line of greeting cards featuring The Little Sisters of Hoboken, nuns who say vaguely dirty things, and it says something that some of those greeting card quotes are amongst the show’s funniest moments. The plot, such as it is, revolves around the recent demise of several dozen sisters, and the need to raise money to bury the last remaining few, who are currently hidden in the convent freezer. With a health inspector about to visit, the remaining nuns are throwing a fundraising variety show, in hopes of burying their sisters before the health inspector buries the convent in legal red tape.

    Following that set-up, what remains is essentially a series of songs about life in the convent, interspersed with skits and bingo games. If I sound less than effusive, its only because I’ve seen so many productions of "Nunsense," the original shock and charm of the concept has long ago worn off. But the show continues to be a huge crowd-pleaser, and opening night of the new theater was no exception. With a cast of local community theater veterans, the show has plenty of fun moments, merrily percolating in the juices of its own cozy familiarity. The highlight is Cindy Brillhart-True as sister Mary Amnesia, the convent’s resident amnesiac, after a crucific fell on her head. Her true identity contains the one possible salvation for the Little Sisters of Hoboken, and Brillhart-True - who’s played the part four times before - shines with befuddled dignity and charm, and has a wicked way with an accidental naughty joke.

    Raven needed a surefire hit for their opener in Windsor, and with "Nunsense," though hardly an original or bold choice, they certainly do have it.

    "Nunsense" runs Thursday–Sunday, through April 19 at Raven Theater Windsor.
  • April 2, 2014 - "Water By the Spoonful"
    Some plays are so good you can’t wait to talk about them, while others are so good you’re a little bit afraid to. "Water by the Spoonful," by award-winning playwright Quiara Hudes, is one of those latter ones. It’s a play so rich with ideas, and so generous of heart and spirit it won Hudes the Pulitzer in 2012, but as crafted, it also feels delicate and confessional, as if the audience is listening in on conversations we are not supposed to be hearing, witnessing the most painful and transformational moments in the lives of total strangers.

    There is a sense of trespass in that, but also of privilege, and as presented by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival - where I caught the show in its final preview last weekend - that sense of privilege casts a kind of spell that binds us together with these frail, fierce, funny and unforgettable people - and frankly, when the show was over, I didn’t want that spell to be broken by talking about it before those people had all settled in good and deep.

    All due praise for that to director Shishir Kurup. The play, brilliantly written to begin with, absolutely thrives on Kurup’s tender understanding of these characters, and his masterful grasp of the playwright’s intentionally jazz-like rhythms and free-flowing tangents.

    The second in a trilogy by Hudes, who also wrote the book for the Tony-winning musical "In the Heights," "Water By the Spoonful" begins with an emotionally stricken former Marine and part-time actor named Elliot, whose war-time encounters in Iraq still literally haunt him. The Puerto Rican aunt who raised him is dying of cancer in Philadelphia, just as Elliot is wrestling with a tempting job opportunity in Hollywood brought about by his music-professor cousin Yazmin. Silently suffering from acute PTSD, his family is the only thing keeping Elliot grounded, a truth he also uses to keep him from taking the risks he has to take if he ever wants to stop working at a sandwich shop.

    Woven around Elliot’s journey is an ongoing online chat-room conversation between four recovering crack addicts, who we see speaking aloud what they write to each other from different corners of the world. Each character, with aliases like Orangutan, Chutes-and-Ladders, HaikuMom and Fountainhead, speaks from his or her own spare, square slab on Sibyl Wickersheimer’s deviously simple set. Though separated by miles, writing from Japan, San Diego, and Philadelphia, the sense of community and connection formed by this quarrelsome quartet of broken souls is evident, and it’s one of the play’s most astonishing feats that a story about an online recovery forum feels so intimate and dramatically pure.

    The entire cast, lead by company regular Daniel Jose Molina - giving his hands-down best performance in three years at OSF - is sensational across the board. These are complicated people, and Hudes offers no easy answers for any of them, nor much suggestion that their futures, clean or not, using or not, will be easy. Especially insightful is how the play illustrates the way an addict’s recovery, often inspired by awareness of the pain they’ve caused their families, is most often thrown into jeopardy by the anger and dismissal of those families.

    That Elliot will turn out to be closely related to one of these struggling people is clear. But what happens to both of them after that is revealed is a complete suprise, in this gorgeously knotty, achingly tangled examination of the dehumanizing power of addiction, and of that discordant fusion of love, hatred, anger and forgiveness that some brave souls must struggle through while learning to be human again.

    "Water by the Spoonful" runs through November at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.
  • March 28, 2014 - "Of Mice and Men"
    John Steinbeck’s "Of Mice and Men" was originally titled, "Something That Happened," not a great name for a book, but a crystal clear hint of the way Steinbeck saw the world around him and the events that take place in his slim little gem of a story. Things, even bad things, sometimes just happen, despite our best intentions, regardless of arbitrary judgments of guilt and innocence.

    The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

    Steinbeck wrote the book in such a way that it could be easily staged as a play, and hoped that those who read it as a novel, would experience it theatrically, in their minds. Though there is a bit more detail in the book, even Steinbeck believed that seeing the story played out in a theater might be the better experience, though he himself avoided seeing it on stage, worried that his own images of the characters might suffer if her were to see them portrayed in flesh and blood. My thought it, why not have both? Read the book, or read it again if you were one of those who were compelled to read it in High School, and then go see the vibrant, thoroughly gorgeous stage version currently running at Cinnabar Theater in Petaluma.

    Directed with sensitive, unfussy clarity by Sheri Lee Miller, with as strong a cast of local players, ten of them, as you are likely to see on one stage, Cinnabar’s "Of Mice and Men" vibrates with the truth-seeking rawness and clear-sighted humanity of Steinbeck’s vision.

    Though set during the Great Depression, the conflicts and desires of these people are instantly real, aching with honesty and timeless recognition.

    As George and Lenny, actors Keith Baker and Samson Hood give gently understated performances that resonate with truth. George is a smart man with few prospects, in large part because of his companion Lenny, a hulking man-child with a habit of accidentally hurting the soft, cuddly rabbits and puppies he wants nothing more than to care for. After landing a job amongst a crew of farmworkers, the two mismatched friends team up with some other hard-hit dreamers, finally seeing a chance at realizing their dream of owning a ranch of their own.

    As Crooks, the farm’s ostracized black stable-keeper, Dorian Lockett shines with bruised dignity, and Clark Miller, as the one-handed dreamer Candy, has one of the show’s most powerful moments, conveying a flood of loss and pain, even with his back turned to the audience. There is not time to properly describe each actor’s contribution, but praise is deserved for all of them and for the way director Miller has all of her actors space to create indelible moments of their own.

    Whether you know where this story is going or are experiencing George and Lenny’s journey for the first time, I highly recommend Cinnabar’s production. Because, whether you come away believing that things just happen, or always happen for a reason, this "Of Mice and Men" affirms Steinbeck’s belief that it’s how we behave toward one another, even under the worst of circumstances, that makes our lives, and the dreams we share together, worth living.

    "Of Mice and Men" runs through April 6 at Cinnabar Theater,
  • March 26, 2014 - "Underneath the Lintel"
    Here’s a bit of advice.

    If you have happen to have a library book that is 113 years overdue, don’t drop it in the overnight slot. The proper procedure is to go to the counter and explain yourself, face to face, telling the no-doubt offended Librarians how it is that you happen to have a library book that’s been missing for over a hundred years.

    They will want to know.

    And if you don’t offer an explanation - as is the case in playwright Glen Berger’s metaphysical one-person mystery play "Underneath the Lintel" - you may well end up driving your poor librarian crazy.

    In ‘Lintel’ - running through March 30 at Main Stage West in Sebastopol - the Librarian in question go a little bit bonkers, becoming consumed with curiosity over that ancient book, a heavily worn travel guide checked out to a man identified only as ‘A. Period,’ with a home address . . . in China. But then, in the pages of the book, the Librarian discovers a laundry tickets, for a pair of trousers from a dry cleaners in London, England, and before he knows it, the Librarian - having rarely strayed from his hometown in Hoopdorff, in the Netherlands - sets out for England, in search of a few answers about the identity of the mysterious Mr. A.

    And that’s when things get weird.

    Related by the Librarian as a sort of rambling lecture, titled An Impressive Presentation of Lovely Evidences, "Underneath the Lintel" is an epic shaggy-dog story, covering as much philosophical ground as the Librarian eventually covers miles.

    The truth, or what the Librarian comes to believe as the truth, is a whopper - calling into question the randomness of fate, the defiant resilience of the human spirit, and the very nature of God. It’s a lot for a little play performed by a single actor, and once you see where all of this is going, you may want to catch the show a second time to watch more closely how the show gets there.

    Directed by John Craven, who gives the show a nicely mounting pace, this is a meaty little evening of theater, one that rests largely on the shoulders of the actor playing the Librarian.

    Though suffering from a bad cold that was clearly tugging his energy down a bit, John Shillington, as the Librarian, is a marvel, playing the befuddled adventurer with a sense of baffled, escalating wonder and a sharply rising sense of indignation and true heartbreak. As he produces one piece of evidence after another from a battered suitcase - each item fitted out with a little numbered tag on a string - he hangs the evidences from a clothesline stretching across the stage.

    That clothesline is just one of many nice touches Craven brings to the proceedings, though the play could have done without some of the extraneous musical flourishes that are more distracting than supportive.

    "Underneath the Lintel" has been getting a lot of play over the last couple of years, like a juicy secret that the theater community is only now beginning to share. It may seem to be just a slight little comedy about the way we finding meaning in meaningless coincidences, but don’t be fooled.

    Like the mysterious Mr. A - and the Librarian who discovers his secret - is much bigger, and far more powerful, than it first appears.

    "Underneath the Lintel" runs Thursday–Sunday through March 30 at Main Stage West, Main Stage

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