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Sonoma County theater critic David Templeton (North Bay Bohemian, Theatre Bay Area Magazine) yanks open the curtain on the best (and worst) of Bay Area theater, giving theater-loving listeners the upbeat lowdown on which plays are happening where, what they're all about and whether they're worth the trip. With unexpected insights, snappy observations, and pithy contextual analysis (yep, sometimes it's even educational!), David's weekly commentary will bring the Bay Area stages right into your car, workplace or living room.

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  • July 16, 2014 - "Broadway Under the Stars" at Jack London State Park
    It’s an all-time classic of an opening moment, the sun setting over the hills, a rolling vineyard visible just over and beyond the stage. By the time the show ends, the moon will have fully risen over the stage, casting a glow that is both otherworldly and beautiful earthbound.

    These are not above average special effects were talking about.

    When Transcendence Theater Company takes the stage, they use the actual sun and moon as members of the cast. Yes, the primary draw of Transcendence Theater’s annual "Broadway Under the Stars" shows, running all summer long in Glen Ellen, are the dozens of Broadway performers on loan from New York and Hollywood - but it’s not surprise that the best-dressed co-star of the series is the setting itself - Jack London State Park.

    A program titled "One Singular Sensation" was the highly entertaining musical revue that kicked off the summer’s line-up of spectacular song-and-dance extravaganzas, and if that first one was any indication of things to come, then after three years in Sonoma County, Transcendence Theater Company has definitely hit its stride.

    It’s really rather amazing, what these performers can pull off using only a bare stage, a few props, stools, chairs, a bowler hat or two, and no fancy stage effects beyond the aforementioned slow-fade from dusk to dark. That said, incorporating real horses into a performance of "Fugue for Tinhorns," from Guys and Dolls, comes pretty close to being a special effect.

    Horses make any trip to country better, with or without show tunes.

    It has been three years since Transcendence set-up shop in the old winery ruins at Jack London. Just when a person might begin to think that magic can’t keep being pulled out of the same hat, Artistic Director Amy Miller is demonstrating, here at the opening of the new season, that she still has plenty of tricks up her sleeve.

    Of course, repeat audiences are beginning to notice certain “traditions” beginning to evolve, from Miller’s opening recitation of Jack London’s famous “meteor” coda, to the inclusion of one or two non-Broadway songs presented in surprising ways - and at least one clever, comedic cameo by co-executive director Brad Surosky.

    Though he is a major behind-the-scenes force for the company, Surosky’s brief but memorable appearances on stage are becoming to Transcendence what John Ratzenberger’s voice is to a Pixar film.

    There is a sense of consistency, also, to the way the ever-changing cast of performers always includes a few staunch regulars - Stephan Stubbins, the other co-executive director, singer-songwriter Carrie Manolakis, the superb Lexy Fridell, and the ever-surprising Leah Sprecher.

    The specific shows change titles and tunes throughout the season. Next up, after the annual "Fantastical Family" show, TTC launches a two-weekend program called "Music of the Night," and a one-night open-air concert featuring the legendary Ben Vereen, plus a whole bunch of smaller shows, concerts and mash-ups spread around at various theaters and wineries. Though the names and faces and songs might change, one thing remains consistent: Broadway Under the Stars is amongst North Bay’s best, most delightfully exuberant on-stage theatrical experiences - with or without an actual sunset.

    "Broadway Under the Stars" runs throughout the summer at Jack London State Park. For information check out
  • July 10, 2014 - "Becky Shaw"
    The best dark comedies start small - especially comedies about family. Beginning simply, they first establish the broken dynamic between just two or three characters, before gradually layering in the rest of the bickering, disjointed extended family.

    Then, in most cases, an outsider slips in, someone new to the tribe, and suddenly ... everything gets worse.

    Yes, occasionally, the opposite happens, the stranger actually makes things better, reminding everyone how much they really love each other, bringing them all miraculously together again.

    But where’s the fun in that?

    In the play "Becky Shaw," directed with wicked glee by Barry Martin and playing one more weekend at 6th Street Playhouse before moving to the Napa Valley Playhouse for two more, playwright Gina Gionfriddo takes both of those approaches, the destructive stranger and the savior stranger, and mashes them all together into one disturbingly riveting, weirdly funny story unlike any other play I’ve seen, all while adding some of the most scathingly hilarious dialogue in recent memory.

    Suzanna is an aimless college student wrestling with existential angst.

    Her late businessman father apparently squandered the family fortune, her mother Susan has taken up with a much younger man, and she’s just had a one-night stand with her adopted brother Max.

    Things are, to say the least, complicated.

    Urged by Max to take some time to find herself, she impulsively meets and marries the amiable Andrew, a good guy with a need to save people and fix them, clearly attracted by the fixer-upper that is Suzanna’s life.

    Andrew works with a fragile but somewhat interesting woman named Becky Shaw, whom he thinks might be a good match for Max, and when she arrives for the blind date, awkwardly overdressed in a fluffy pink dress Max derides as looking like a birthday cake, it is clear that things are about to go seriously south.

    For one thing, Max is feeling territorial about sharing his sister-lover with Andrew.

    For another thing, something is clearly very wrong with Becky Shaw. Whether she is emotionally unhinged or merely pretending in order to wheedle her way into this not-so-stable family is the question the play slowly, gradually explores.

    There are two ways to play a character like Becky.

    Some would make her as normal as possible, at first, and then gradually drop little hints as to exactly how weird - and potentially dangerous - she might be. Others will let you know from the first entrance that we are looking at a mad woman. That’s the approach actress Taylor Bartolucci takes, and she runs with it, giving Becky a wildly entertaining series of ticks and jitters that will delight some while possible making others wish she’d taken the more subtle, gradually unfurling approach.

    That is just one of many juicy topics audiences will want to debate after catching "Becky Shaw," a play packed with ideas, written with a brilliantly spot-on understanding of how families work, and sometimes stop working. The actors have a great time with this material, especially Bartolluci and moillie boice, who as Susan, the matriarch, gives another in her series of magnificently ballbusting performances.

    Whatever you end up deciding about Becky Shaw the person, it will be difficult to deny that "Becky Shaw" the play - among the best new dark comedies to come along in recent years - is deeply challenging, charmingly infuriating, and painfully hilarious.

    "Becky Shaw" runs Thursday–Sunday through July 13 at 6th Street Playhouse, 6thstreetplayhouse,com, then runs July 18 through 27 at Napa Valley Playhouse,
  • July 2, 2014 - "Two Gentlemen of Verona" at OSF
    An all-female version of one of Shakespeare’s most notoriously misogynistic comedies? Sounds complicated. Sign me up!

    Shakespeare’s "Two Gentlemen of Verona" is one of three new shows to arrive on stage at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival this summer, joining seven others already playing on three stages in the tiny, impossibly pretty town of Ashland. Stay tuned for reviews of OSF’s lavish unleashing of Sondheim’s "Into the Woods," a new stage adaptation of the beloved science fiction novel "A Wrinkle in Time," and a dastardly good staging of the enjoyably upsetting history "Richard III."

    Today, let’s talk about men behaving badly.

    "Two Gentlemen of Verona" is one of Shakespeare’s early plays. People rarely do it, and some experts will say that’s because, for a comedy, ‘Two Gentlemen’ is never very funny - but then, neither is "Measure for Measure" and people do that one all the time. They do both have one thing in common - women are not dealt with very well in either, the female characters subjected to rather unspeakable treatment from the men, with an expectation that, knowing their place, these women will just, you know, stay in their place. To get even a tiny bit of respect, women in Shakespeare plays seem to have to dress up like men.

    Then they become instant favorites.

    The story of ‘Two Gentlemen’ follows a pair of friends, Valentine and Proteus, who each fall in love with different women, until Proteus meets Valentine’s intended, throws over his own fiancé (she’s the one who starts cross-dressing), and starts a plot to push his buddy out of the way so there is no competition. Women dress like boys. Men act like boys. There is a band of banished gentlemen outlaws living in the forest, some very cruel behavior toward the ladies, and even an attempted rape (Ha! Ha! Shakespeare!), all ending, as Shakespeare comedies often do, with everyone repenting, forgiving each other, pairing up and getting married - which to a modern audience, makes the show more of a tragedy, for the women, anyway.

    To make all of this a little less . . . bad . . . director Sarah Rasmussen has done something incredibly bold. She’s assembled a cast of women to play all the parts, including those of the men. By introducing some actual feminine energy into this masculine pissing match of a play, perhaps - the theory must have been - the men won’t seem quite so piggish and the women not quite so willing to settle for pigs.

    The result, unfortunately, is a surprisingly bland play.

    It turns out that "Two Gentlemen of Verona's" unpleasantness was the most interesting thing about it, and the gender bending - except in a few cases - is just sort of confusing.

    Add to that the director’s decision to cast the excellent K.T. Voght - one of the OSF ensemble’s best character actresses - in two parts. She’s excellent in both, but because one character appears in a very important second-act comedy scene right before the other character appears in an important dramatic scene - with a lengthy costume change between - that first scene is plopped down right in the middle of . . . the intermission! Stop your wine drinking, people! You folks in the restroom line? Drop everything and rush back in here! Because here’s a really funny scene! Okay, all done, go back to your lines - but be back soon ‘cause Act Two starts in five minutes.

    I don’t know. Maybe it looked feasible on paper. Here it’s just jarring and weird. And not in a good way.

    The final truth is that OSF’s "Two Gentlemen of Verona," for all the inventiveness and chance-taking the cast and director were willing to throw at it, still turns out to be an interesting but disappointing failure.

    The Oregon Shakespeare Festival runs Tuesday–Sunday through October. Times and prices vary. For information about the full line-up of eleven shows, visit
  • June 25, 2014 - "Grease"
    "Grease," the musical - written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey - is a modern miracle of the stage - a show that retains its popularity after over 30 years, despite the fact that, aside from a few good tunes here and there, "Grease" is a fairly terrible play.

    It’s true. Which is to say, that’s my opinion.

    Or visa versa.

    Anyway, how about a little ‘Grease’ history.

    When "Grease" first appeared in 1971, it was a different play than the one we see on stage today. It was ... interesting. It was raunchy, edgy, scandalous - a dangerously subversive attempt to show that our nostalgic view of 1950s teenage innocence was all smoke and mirrors. For one thing, that teenagers smoked.

    "Grease" put a lot of cigarettes in the mouths of teenagers.


    That part doesn’t seem so scandalous anymore, because ... well, now we KNOW that teenagers smoke. The most scandalous thing about the average production of Grease these days is how badly the actors handle the smoking. There’s an ash-wielding visual style that experienced smokers have, and when it’s not present, when actors pinch their fake cigarettes as if they were toothpicks that might develop teeth and bite them, it just ruins the effect, not to mention any hint of scandal.


    Since that very first version of "Grease," the show almost instantly began losing coolness and edge, beginning with the play’s move to Broadway in 1972, where it was seriously toned down, all the way through to the hit 1978 movie, and a series of subsequent revivals. What remains, in the current version of Grease available to community theaters and schools, is less a play than a series of broadly sketched vignettes fill of cartoonish teenage stereotypes, each scene interspersed with fifty’s-style ballads and high-energy song-and-dance numbers that, depending on how well they are executed, are often the only reason to see a new presentation of "Grease."

    Which brings me to the current production at 6Th Street Playhouse.

    Using one of the latest script dilutions, the sprightly, effervescent cast - under the direction of choreographer-director Staci Arriaga - does a very good job with the material, putting emphasis on the best elements of the piece, unleashing a first rate bee-bop-a-doo-wop dance show, supported by some outstandingly good singing voices. The group numbers particularly, with inventive dance moves and attractive performers giving out everything from back-flips to the hand jive, are consistently fun, engaging, and occasionally thrilling.

    Those musical numbers - easily the best I've seen in a community or college-level production - are so good, I found myself longing for the next one to begin during the play’s many “story sequences.”

    "Grease," of course, is the story of tough guy Danny Zuko and his on-again-off-again courtship of good girl Sandy, as they make it through a year of high school in a Chicago suburb.

    The characters, though amusing, are now so over-the-top they make the kids from Scooby Doo look like something from an Arthur Miller play. Fortunately, at 6th Street, Street, the Actors know how to sing, and popular local actor Anthony Guzman, as Tony, reveals an amazing falsetto I didn’t know he had in his vocal toolbox.

    Supporting players include an outrageously good April Krautner as sex-kitten Marty, an acrobatic Trevor Hoffman as the car-loving, gang-fighting delinquent Kenickie, and Sidney McNulty as the endearing drop-out Frenchy.

    And with strong musical direction by Nathan Riebli and a sensational band, the show soars every time it sings, which thankfully, is often.

    "Grease" runs Thursday–Sunday, through July 6 at 6th Street Playhouse.
  • June 18, 2014 - Oregon Shakespeare Festival
    One of Shakespeare’s most entertaining histories, an all female version of his most notoriously misogynistic comedies, a massive staging of a magical Sondheim musical, and the world premiere of a new stage adaptation of a beloved space hopping children’s novel. These are the newest four shows to open at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, as the outdoor Allen Elizabethan Theater - note the new name - open up in the idyllic mountain town of Ashland. With five other plays already up and running, and a few more still to come, the season seems to carry an emphasis on family drama, from the power of love that holds some families together, and the corrupting power of jealousy and revenge that tears some families apart.

    Richard III

    One of Shakespeare’s most indelible and bloodthirsty villains, king Richard III of England has been defended by historians who claim the real fifteenth century monarch wasn’t half as bad as Shakespeare painted him to be - and probably not quite as physically deformed. If so, that’s disappointing, because, as described in the bard’s poplar history play, Richard is one exhilarating hunchback, and in OSF’s new production, Dan Donohue makes him as funny, frightening and outrageously watchable as he is truly, deplorably, unredeemably evil.
    - 4-1/2 stars

    A Wrinkle in Time

    Madeleine L’Engle’s much-adored, 50-year-old novel A Wrinkle in Time has been adapted for a deeply flawed television miniseries in 2003. Even with the infinite resources of Walt Disney pictures, the project fell fall short of capturing the magic and beauty of the book. So what chance has a stage version got? Limited by earth-bound effects and the limitations of stagecraft, how can a cast of eight, and a handful of props.
    - 3 1/2 stars

    Into the Woods

    Compared to The Tempest, Shakespeare’s much earlier A Comedy of Errors, directed by Kent Gash, is crackling with cleverness and sheer spirited fun. With the action set during the Harlem Renaissance, Gash fills the story of two long-separated sets of identical twins into an eye-popping, music-filled romp that is clever, funny, sexy and satisfying.

    In Shakespeare’s play (believed by many to be his first attempt at comedy), the towns of Ephesus and Syracuse are at war, declaring death on anyone from the opposed town. In Gash’s staging, it’s New Orleans, Louisiana against Harlem, New York, where the action is set. In OSF’s small Thomas Theater (If there is a better spot for intimate, innovative interpretations of Shakespeare on the West Coast, I don’t know where it is), the story plays out on a slab of faux concrete emblazoned with the names of Harlem landmarks of the 1920’s, with a tall clock tower over looking everything from one corner.

    Wandering into town are the wealthy Antipholus (Tobie Windham) and his servant Dromio (Rodnety Gardiner), both of New Orleans. They have been wandering for years, searching for their lost twin brothers, who for some reason bear the exact same names. Separated in childhood by a storm at sea (Shakespeare did like his storms), they’ve arrived in Harlem. Unbeknownst to them, their grown-up twins also live in Harlem, where Antipholus (also Tobie Windham) is a respected businessman and Dromio is his wise-cracking, much-put-upon assistant.

    Nothing that happens afterwards quite makes sense, but the fun of this staging is how entertainingly Gash and his energetic cast keep all of the various plates spinning.
    - 5 stars

    Two Gentlemen of Verona

    From Shakespeare’s first comedy to the Marx Brothers’ first full-scale musical. One thing about OSF, they do keep their seasons varied. The Cocoanuts, energetically directed by David Ivers, reassembles the original details of the Marx Brothers’ show, which made the brothers famous in 1925, and was later turned into the film of the same name. With restored songs by Irving Berlin, and a book by George S. Kaufman, the new adaptation is by Mark Bedard, who channels Groucho in a performance that frequently veers off script into some outrageously silly audience improv.

    The story, such as it is, takes place at a Florida hotel during the 1920s land boom, where the Cocoanuts Hotel is being run (into the ground) by the outrageously avaricious Mr. Hammer, aka Groucho, aka Bedard. His put-upon head clerk, Jamison aka Zeppo (Eduardo Placer) has fallen in love with the wealthy Polly Potter (Jennie Greenberry), whose mother (the splendid K.T. Vogt) prefers that her daughter marry Harvey Yates (Robert Vincent Frank), who is only pretending to be wealthy. Into the mix come two con-men, Harpo and Chico (Brent Hinkley and John Tufts, both brilliant), who add complications to Mr. Hammer’s plan to marry Polly’s mother.

    This is the show that gave the Marx Brothers’ famous “viaduct” bit (“Why a duck? Why not a chicken?”, and the loopy scene where a half-naked detective sings “I want my shirt” to music from the opera Carmen. It’s also got Berlin’s sweet love song Always, and a bunch of other early Berlin tunes that are clever and melodic, if not very well known. Bedard did a great deal of research to but the forgotten songs together with the movie screenplay, and whatever bits and pieces survived of the original stage script.

    The comedic power of the play is not the story, of course, or the songs, as nicely put together as they are. For audiences in Ashland, this will be all about seeing the Marx Brothers alive on stage again (or almost). The entire cast has the uncanny skill to both celebrate the off-timeless genius of the Marx Brothers, while at the same time teasing the unavoidable datedness of the material.

    This is the second Marx musical to land at Ashland in the last three years. Earlier, the same team brought Animal Crackers to the stage. Will there be more? Well, as Groucho/Bedard says at the end of the show, “See you when we return for another chapter, here at the Oregon Marx Brothers Festival!”
    - 3 stars

    The Oregon Shakespeare Festival runs Tuesday–Sunday through October. Times and prices vary. For information about the full line-up of eleven shows, visit

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