Every Day Poems

Sonoma County has had seven poets laureate since 2000 when Don Emblen first took on the role for the first two-year stint. Twelve years later, Bill Vartnaw has taken the reins, inaugurated in January. There is no job description for a poet laureate—other than to “promote poetry.” To that end, Bill has gathered the other four living Sonoma County Laureates to create a daily two-minute dose of poetry for our listeners. Every Day Poems is now presented twice a day on KRCB, with each poet taking one day of the week to introduce their chosen poet and poem. The poems will mostly come from the Bay Area, with an emphasis on Sonoma County. Some weeks, chosen poems will follow a particular theme, or respond to historical or current events. We will be asking poets to read from their own works when we can, but don’t be too surprised if you hear a nineteenth century poem or a translation of a Neruda poem!