California Update

california_cubeOn today’s Update, some California homeowners who have continued to make their scheduled payments still face foreclosure...from a state agency. Also, two Republican challenges to the state’s redistricting plan are turned away by the Supreme Court.

death-penalty2The constants Death and Taxes (well, indirectly) occupy our Update today, in the form of an effort to end capital punishment in California, and the knotty issue of pension reform.

apartment_construction-SPLAt least one part of the construction industry is showing growth in California. And a repeal effort takes aim at the state’s newly passed DREAM Act. On today's California Update.

cap-and-tradeTwo Bay Area legislators push back on the federal crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries. Meanwhile, the state’s first  Cap & Trade rules are approved. More on today’s California Update.

oysters_at_drakes_esteroMore controversey over oyster farming in Drake's Estero at Point Reyes. Also, foreclosures continue to rise across the state. All on today's California Update.

The letter from the Coastal Commission to the Drakes Bay Oyster Company, referenece in the report, can be read here.

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