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meal-breaksAn analysis of the governor’s pension reform proposal and the state’s high considers a case covering employee working conditions, all on today’s California Update.

concertedPush is heading toward shove, as university professors in the California Faculty Association announced their first work stoppages in an effort to force CSU administration back to the bargaining table. The union organized informational picketing at all 23 CSU campuses this week, and more dramatic actions are planned for next week.

Also, pushback in another direction, against the federal government’s stepped-up crackdown on medical marijuana in California.

chinook-spawningEarly indications in the Russian River and other North Coast waterways suggest that more salmon are spawning this season. That’s good news for the beleaguered fish, but their troubles are far from over. New threats related to climate change are now beginning to complicate their reproduction, as Joe Rubin reports in the first of this two part series on the state of the Chinook salmon, and the struggles they face swimming upstream into the Sierra foothills.

ransom_noteLocal redevelopment agencies took a hard hit from the state legislature in their budget process this year. Now the affected cities and counties are pushing back, in a case that has reached the California Supreme Court. Also, new unemployment figures for the state are due at the end of this week.

bears-salmonThe fate and future of Chinook salmon depends greatly on the temperature of the water in the streams and rivers in which they spawn. But there are numerous other important species whose fate is closely linked to that of the salmon. Reporter Joe Rubin offers this close-up look in the second part of our series of Salmon in northern California.

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