Aug 27

Media Orthodoxy

Posted by: Bruce Robinson

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Bruce Robinson

While some media observers worry about the consolidation of ownership, Michael Parenti sees the narrowing of viewpoints that are able to get media exposure as something even more dangerous.

Cable television hosts Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are sometiems cited as alternatives to the mainstream media, but Parenti says they should not be --and do not expect to be -- taken that seriously.


Michael Parenti is an internationally known historian and author, who has taught at universities and written books about politics and the media. His Aug. 27 lecture at Sonoma State University will be on "Diversity and Orthodoxy in the News Media, part of the Project Censored Modern Media Censorship Lecture series.

His most recent book is Contrary Notions.

A sampling of Michael Parenti's essays is available on his website.

Or you can click here to read "Imperialism 101," the opening chapter from his book, Against Empire.