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Sep 08

Protest at the RNC

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Bruce Robinson

 While events inside the Republican National Convention last week received saturation coverage from the mainstream media, significant developments in the streets outside went largely unreported.

 Carl Patrick, a member of the IMPACT! activist group from Petaluma , was among the hundreds of protesters at the Republican National Convention last week. He will be speaking  about his experiences there on Thursday evening,  Sept. 11, at the Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County. For more details,  click here.  Patrick says  that local police in the Twin Cities made numerous attemps to infiltrate the protest groups, but their efforts were conspicuous failures.


  Cazadero-based activist Starhawk says that in spite of all the furor and ominous aspects of the police response to the protestors, she considers her trip to Minnesota last week a success.


To read Starhawk's most recent blog entry about her experience at the Republican National Convention, click here .  

 The protests were primarily organized by the RNC Welcoming Committee, which is now coordinating fund-raising for the legal defense for those still facing criminal charges in connection with the protests.

Sep 03

Ballot Arguments

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Bruce Robinson
 Political infighting has moved to a new pre-election battleground-the ballot summaries in the publicly published, non-partisan election guides.

 Dave McCuan is Associate Professor of Political Science at Sonoma State University.

Sep 01

Education politics

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Bruce Robinson
 California's schools may not be teaching civics and government as much as they once did, but the state's educators are more deeply engaged in these subjects than ever.


  David Sanchez, a Kindergarten teacher from Santa Maria  is president of the 340,000 member California Teachers Association.



Aug 28

The Wall That Heals

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Bruce Robinson

A traveling half-scale replica of the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial from

Washington D.C. is visiting Santa Rosa for a few days,

eliciting memories, mourning and emotion.


"The Wall That Heals" is a project of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

The United Veterans Council of Sonoma County took the lead inbringing the wall to Santa Rosa.

Below is an aerial view of the full size Viet Nam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.

Aug 17

Internet access

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Bruce Robinson

The North Bay is generally well connected when it comes to the Internet, but overall access speeds nationwide are falling behind other parts of the world.


Dane Jasper of Sonic.net


Click here to test the speed of your internet connection.


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