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Jan 07

Conservation Corps

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Bruce Robinson

Job training and education go hand in hand for Conservation Corps North Bay, the rebranded Marin Conservation Corps which has recently expanded to serve Sonoma County, too.




Marilee Eckert, Executive Director of the newly renamed Conservation Corps North Bay, says it is well-positioned to grow into a regional service agency.




Eckert anticipates bringing many of the programs the organization has already established in Marin into Sonoma County under their new banner, such as their youth recycling crew, which is already at work at some Sonoma County parks and schools.

Dec 28

Forestville History

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To folks passing through today, Forestville appears to be a quiet residential hamlet in western Sonoma County. But it wasn’t all that long ago that the railroads still ran to the town, and Forestville was a bustling center of commerce. Those early days were well documented by that new-fangled technology called photography, which has provided a wealth of material for this newly published illustrated history, compiled and written by Penny Hutten and members of the Forestville Historical Society.




To visit the Forestville Historical Society website, click here

Virginia Hughes (front row, far right in the photo above) and Ron Davis (front row, at left)  were among the main contributors to the book.



Dec 25

Out of Poverty

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Bruce Robinson

The best way to fight poverty, says Paul Polak, is to talk to and learn from the people who know the most about it-the poor themselves.



Paul Polack detailed his ideas for combatting poverty worldwide in an article in the Smithsonian earlier this year. You can read it here.   Or find out more about his book on the subject, Out of Poverty , by clicking on the cover below.

One important difference between urban poverty in America and the third world, is the presence of government programs to assist the poor. But they can also pose a significant obstacle to climbing out of poverty, as Paul Polack explains.

 Paul Polak was the keynote speaker at the Fifth Annual Dialog on Poverty hosted September 25, 2008 by Community Action Partnership of Sonoma  County.


Dec 23

The Geography of Bliss

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Bruce Robinson


It is said that happiness is where you find it. After a worldwide search, NPR correspondent Eric Weiner says that's only partly true.





Eric Weiner is a long-time NPR correspondent and writer, whose most recent book is The Geography of Bliss.

 The tiny Himalayan nation of Bhutan may be themost blissful country on the planet, Weiner writes. It's unquestionably the only country with its own official policy of Gross National Happiness. He's got a slideshow of scenes from Bhutan which you can see here.

Dec 02

Steelhead Beach

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Bruce Robinson


 The possibility of a new wastewater discharge pipeline to the county's popular Steelhead Beach in Forestville (above)  has apparently been killed by cost considerations.

 The pipeline to the proposed Steelhead Beach discharge site would have run through the quiet corridor of Osprey trail (below). Photos courtesy West County Gazette.

Brenda Adelman of the Russian River Watershed Protection Committee contends that Santa Rosa could and should reduce the amount of water flowing into the treatment plant by moving more aggressively to repair leaking sewer pipes that allow rainwater to get in.

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