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Above and Beyond

Monday, May 25 at 9pm. Above and Beyond highlights one of the most compelling escape and survival stories from World War II—that of former Rhode Island Governor Bruce Sundlun (1920-2011). Sundlun, a…


Health Connections

What does it look like when a community is healthy? There’s more to it than eating fruits and vegetables and exercising. Community health is measured in high school graduation rates, economic stability, physical activity, access to health care, and the prevention of injuries, among others. KRCB focuses on these different aspects of individual and community health through HEALTH CONNECTIONS.

North Bay News

Calculating Residential Water Changes

An easy-to-use computer modeling tool allows homeowners and others to calculate water use and installation costs for building, landscaping or remodeling projects.

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North Bay News

May 20

CMA Drops Opposition To Physician Aid In Dying

ALSO: Water Board considers voluntary water cut from farmers.
May 20

Vineyard Water Conservation

By using drip irrigation systems sparingly, vineyards can improve their crop while also saving water, a group of local growers were told yesterday.
May 19

Privatization May Threaten California Parklands

Yet another brewing legislative battle in Washington could change Californians' access to some popular public lands.
May 19

Brown Signs International Climate Agreement

ALSO: What effect has realignment had on crime in California? 2:14 Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Today's reporting by Katie Orr and Ben Adler.
May 18

Field Poll On California’s Mandatory Water Reduction Plan Shows Concern

ALSO: The California Community College system stands to do very well under Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget.


Music News

May 22

Stephen Hough Puts His Experience Of A Miracle Into His Music

You wouldn't normally expect one of the great composers of the last few centuries to be meek, but how's this for humility? "Bach and Beethoven erected temples and churches on the heights. I only…
May 22

ABBA's Essential, Influential Melancholy

May 21

Joe Kubek and Bnois King on Beale Street Caravan

Tuesday, May 26 at 11 pm: Hard hitting Blues veterans Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King feature on Beale Street Caravan this week as they tour the U.S. in support of their new release, Fat Man's Shine…
May 21

Joining Brian Griffith in the AM This Week: Bill Kreutzmann & Hopmonk's Songwriters in the Round

Tuesday, May 26: Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead calls in to chat with Brian Griffith. Kreutzmann was the drummer for the Grateful Dead, along with Mickey Hart. Together, they were known as the…
May 21

Joining Doug Jayne in the Afternoon this Week: Jason Bodlovich, Kasim Sulton, Geoff Muldaur

We've got a great line-up of in-studio guests this week: Monday, May 25 at 1pm: Jason Bodlovich from Ragtag Sullivan is coming in with Bill Myers from Funky Fridays. Ragtag Sullivan, which is playing…

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