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Prayers of the Ancient Ones

Prayers of the Ancient Ones takes us on a journey to Bodh Gaya, India, the holiest site of Buddhism where the Buddha is regarded to have attained supreme enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. Each…

Music News

Masters And Disasters: The Met Opera Quiz

Now that the embattled Metropolitan Opera has surmounted most of its labor squabbles, it's time to take a break from reading about the rancorous negotiations. See how many of these nerdworthy Met questions you can answer.

North Bay Report

Study: California Water Allocations Exceeds Supply

ALSO: The California Senate has approved a bill that would prohibit school districts from expelling students for acts of “willful defiance.


North Bay Report

Aug 19

The Impactful History of Novato's Asteroid Fragments

The small meteor fragments that burned across the North Bay night sky 22 months ago apparently originated in the huge planetary collision in which our moon was formed, some four and a half billion…
Aug 18

GOP: Reverse Budget Reserve Restriction On School Districts

ALSO: California woo's Tesla Motors with economic incentives and environmental regulatory waivers.
Aug 18

Counting California's White Shark Population

How many white sharks are swimming in California’s coastal waters? A new survey debunks an earlier claim that the marine predators’ numbers are declining, and that the species as a whole is…
Aug 17

California's July Jobs Report Mediochre

ALSO: After years of debate and legal challenges, California’s High-Speed Rail Authority says preliminary construction and impact studies are now underway.
Aug 15

Youth Connections Offers Diplomas and More

Re-entry students can get much more than a high school diploma through Community Action Partnership’s Youth Connections program in Santa Rosa.

Music News

Aug 19

The Districts On World Cafe

The Pennsylvania band The Districts met in 2009, while members Rob Grote, Mark Larson, Connor Jacobus and Braden Lawrence were still in high school. This year, they released their first official EP…
Aug 19

Taylor Swift Aims For Pop's Throne

On Monday, Taylor Swift announced her new album, called 1989 after the year of her birth, during a live stream that began with her greeting fans from atop the Empire State Building.
Aug 18

Christian Gregory On World Cafe

Christian Gregory is a British singer who immersed himself in the grooves and style of vintage soul and R&B. He and fellow enthusiast Michael Kiwanuka have even formed a label, Movement Records, to…
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The Bootleg Honeys

 The Bootleg Honeys are a homegrown Sonoma County Trio. Singer-Songwriters Alison Harris, Hannah Jern-Miller, and Katie Phillips perform original material and classic Americana covers with delicious three more...

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