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Justin Hayward: Spirits...Live!

Saturday, February 28 at 9:00 p.m. Justin Hayward, the legendary lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for The Moody Blues, recently embarked on a series of solo concerts across the United States.…


Art Matters

KRCB North Bay Public Media challenges Sonoma County High School Students to identify a social issue that matters to them and to consider how they might express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about that issue through art. Then KRCB will help them create that art and present it to the public. Learn more at the ART MATTERS website:

North Bay News

Atkins Introduces Affordable Housing Plan

ALSO: As technology advances, some California lawmakers want to make sure regulations keep pace 1:59 Thursday, February 26, 2015 Today's reporting by Andrea Gardner and Katie Orr.

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North Bay News

Feb 24

Adjunct Professors Stage 1-Day Walkout

Rallies are being held today on college campuses in San Diego, Los Angeles and the Bay Area to push for hiring more full-time, permanent faculty.
Feb 24

California's Plastic Bag Ban Heading Back To Ballot

ALSO: New Bill Would Again Make Possession Of Date Rape Drug A Felony.
Feb 24

Inspired Forward by LandPaths

 As the hawk soars, it’s only 13 miles from the west county’s unspoiled Bohemia Ranch to urban Roseland.
Feb 23

Could Taking Carbon out of the Atmosphere Save the Climate?

3:34 Being green isn’t just about cutting down on the greenhouse gasses we emit.
Feb 23

Use of Medication On Foster Youth Investigated

ALSO: West Coast port slowdown may be over, but the logjam remains.


Music News

Feb 25

Madonna's Tumble At Brit Awards Lights up Twitter, Stirs Ageism Debate

Singer Madonna fell off the steps next to the stage while performing her song "Living for Love" at the Brit Awards in London. The 56-year-old singer picked herself up and continued her performance.…
Feb 24

Bryan Hymel's Hefty High Cs

Pavarotti, roll over. There's a new king of the high Cs. His name is Bryan Hymel and he pops off no fewer than 10 of them in "Asile héréditaire," the Rossini aria that opens his new album Héroïque,…
Feb 23

Podium Diplomacy: Conductor Takes Chinese Music West And Vice Versa

By some measures, China is now the world's largest economy. It's also a gigantic market for American brands, from Hollywood blockbusters to KFC and Pizza Hut. But one Chinese conductor, Long Yu,…
Feb 23

Kate Pierson Says Going Solo Is Like 'Having Wings'

Kate Pierson says she always wanted to be a singer. "I used to stick my head out the window when I was a kid and sing at the top of my lungs and think no one could hear me.

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