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muddy waters live in the 70 s dvd 2be3

Soundstage: Blues Summit In Chicago - 1974

Tuesday, March 3 at 10:30 pm and March 7 at 9 pm. Forty years ago in November, 1974, a group of Chicago-based blues artists, who had already achieved legendary status gathered together with some of…


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FEATURE: Bala Brothers. Friday, March 13 at 9:00 p.m.Viewer support is the single most important way that KRCB is able to bring you the programs that you love throughout the year. Together we can keep public television healthy and strong in the North Bay! Call 1-800-287-2722 or click "Support KRCB

North Bay News

Task Force Recommendations on Community Policing

After 14 months, the Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force convened by Sonoma County Supervisors has made public its varied policy recommendations.

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North Bay News

Mar 02

Court Rejects Blanket Restrictions For Sex Offenders

ALSO: More water will be delivered through the State Water Project.
Mar 01

A Pathway to Apprenticeships

A new partnership between local construction trades and the Sonoma County Office of Education is getting underway this week, a program that will offer at-risk youth a pathway towards a union…
Mar 01

Three Women In California's Big Five

When Republican state Senator Jean Fuller takes over as minority leader next fall, three of California’s “big five” legislative leaders will be women.
Feb 28

The History of Women’s History Month

It is Women’s History Month again, as it has been every March since 1988. But the roots of that national observation reach back even further, to 1977, when they first sprouted here in Sonoma County.
Feb 26

Reimagining Sonoma County’s Libraries

Public libraries everywhere are reflecting social and technical changes around them. So how can Sonoma County’s library’s plan for their future?


Music News

Mar 02

The Metropolis Interview: MK

In the mid-'90s, Marc Kinchen, better known as MK, hit No. 1 on the Billboard Dance Music/Club Play chart with his songs "Always" and "Love Changes." Since then, MK has made a name for himself as a…
Mar 02

Love, Fear, And Lady Lamb: A New Album, And A New Openness

It isn't surprising to learn that Lady Lamb writes some of her lyrics while half asleep. Her songs possess a dreamy, ethereal quality, with connections that seem subconscious.
Mar 01

Discover New Music on the New Releases Show, Tue. March 3 at 11 am and Wed., March 4 at 7pm

This week's new releases.... Steve Earle & the Dukes: Terraplane. This new release takes its title from the 1930s Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit model, which also inspired the Robert Johnson…

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