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Frontline: Separate and Unequal

Sixty years after the Supreme Court declared separate schools for black and white children unconstitutional, Frontline examines the comeback of segregation in America. The film focuses on Baton…

North Bay Report

Assessing Napa's Damage

The 6.0-magnitude earthquake that struck the southern edge of Napa on Sunday, Aug.


North Bay Report

Aug 26

Nearly 200,000 California State Employees Mistakenly Over-payed Says Auditor's Report

ALSO: The California legislature took on a variety of measures Tuesday as it works toward the end of its session.
Aug 26

Are You Ready for the Next Quake?

There’s nothing quite like a near-miss emergency to remind us to review our own level of readiness if another earthquake were to strike even closer to home—or stronger.
Aug 26

Police Tactics and Public Protests

What determines whether or not a public protest will remain peaceful or veer into violent confrontations? A new study underway at UC Berkeley suggests that police actions often make the difference.
Aug 25

Plastic Bag Ban Fails On First Try In Assembly

ALSO: California Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins may consider new drinking rules for Assembly.
Aug 24

Forum Focuses on Petaluma Mail Center

The US Postal Service’s North Bay mail processing and distribution center in Petaluma is facing closure, but Congressman Jared Huffman is hoping to fend that off.

Music News

Aug 26

The Both, 'Volunteers of America'

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Aug 26

Alt-J Will Debut New Album Live In New York

They're simply my favorite band of the decade, so I'm thrilled that alt-J will be premiering a good chunk of its new album live for you to see and hear on September 2.
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The Bootleg Honeys

 The Bootleg Honeys are a homegrown Sonoma County Trio. Singer-Songwriters Alison Harris, Hannah Jern-Miller, and Katie Phillips perform original material and classic Americana covers with delicious three more...

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